Friday, March 11, 2016

Death threats, vitriol all in a day's work to block Trump's path to nomination

The veteran Republican strategist who is leading a super PAC aimed at blocking Donald Trump from winning the GOP presidential nomination says she wakes up to death threats every morning.
"I don't suggest that's all of Donald Trump supporters," says Katie Packer, organizer of the group Our Principles, now airing millions of dollars in TV ads in Florida and elsewhere targeting the real-estate mogul. "But he does seem to have brought out a group of people that used to feel like they needed to sort of keep quiet because what they say isn't acceptable in polite society, and Donald Trump seems to have given them permission to just speak their mind."
She calls the flood of emails and tweets threatening to kill her, her family and her dog "the most hateful vitriol that I've ever encountered in 25 years in politics," worse than the anti-Mormon messages she received when she was deputy campaign manager for Mitt Romney in 2012.
In an interview on Capital Download, Packer, 48, says Trump, the Republican front-runner who has won 12 of the 19 states' primaries and caucuses held so far, "absolutely" can still be stopped — but not for long. If he wins the winner-take-all Florida and Ohio primaries next week, she acknowledges, "it's much tougher."
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cimbri said...

False flags used to make Trump look bad. Every trick in the book is being used to derail the Republican frontrunner.