Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cruz Team Targets Trump-Putin Lovefest (auto-on audio)

Ted Cruz's foreign policy team is taking aim at Donald Trump's bromance with Vladimir Putin as it courts wary anti-Trump elements within the Republican establishment.
Daniel Vajdich, a member of Cruz’s recently announced national security team, blasted out an email last week inviting “GOP Russia hands” to join a Ted Cruz Russia Working Group, slamming Trump’s praise for the Russian president last year and asking for help “pushing back against Donald Trump’s dangerous Russia policy.”
Cruz’s foreign policy worldview — from his call to “carpet bomb” ISIS to some of his advisers’ connections to the anti-Islamist fringe — is just one of the characteristics that puts him at odds with the establishment wing of the Republican Party.
But when it comes to Russia and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the Texas senator is far more in tune with his GOP colleagues – some of whom are reluctantly embracing his candidacy as the only viable alternative to Trump. And Vajdich wants to draw on that.
“Some of you may have qualms with [Cruz’s] tactics in the Senate, positions on various domestic issues, or proposed policies in say Syria,” Vajdich wrote in the email, which was obtained by POLITICO. “But I very much doubt anyone receiving this email disagrees with his commitment to counter Russian aggression, reinvigorate NATO, and undermine Putin’s authoritarianism domestically.”
... “I think there are a lot of opportunities for the campaign to really drill down on the fact that the two [Trump and Putin] share this authoritarian instinct, which is what scares me about Donald Trump,” Vajdich told POLITICO. “I’ll do everything I can in terms of engaging with the communications team to encourage some sort of advertising campaign to make people understand why Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin get along.”...
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