Sunday, January 3, 2016

Why Asian-American Kids Succeed — Tough Parents

It's been a dismal year for American education, at least by the numbers. But don't blame the kids. Parents are missing in action. Except Asian-American parents, that is.
Asian-American parents tend to oversee their children's homework, hold them accountable for grades and demand hard work as the ticket to a better life. And it pays off: Their children are soaring academically.
Asian-American kids are surpassing others at school 
because their parents are heavily involved.
The outrage is that instead of taking an example from these Asian families, school authorities and non-Asian parents want to rig the system to hold these strivers back.
As a group, Americans need to take a page from the Asian parents' playbook. American teens rank a dismal 28th in math and science knowledge, compared with teens in other countries, even poor countries.
Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are at the top. We've slumped. For the first time in 25 years, U.S. scores on the main test for elementary and middle school education (NAEP) fell. And SAT scores for college-bound students dropped significantly.
Could changes in these tests be to blame for the alarming drops? That convenient excuse was blown out of the water by the stellar performances of Asian-American students. Many come from poor or immigrant families, but they outscore all other students by large margins on both tests, and their lead keeps widening.
Read the rest of Betsy McCaughey's op-ed HERE.

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