Monday, January 4, 2016

This Story Will Make Your Head Explode: The Immigration Maelstrom Engulfs America

Immigration: A new border surge is on us, with illegals pouring in from Central America and well beyond. Yes, it's the work of political forces taking advantage of U.S. weakness. But it has major complicity from the White House.
On Monday, Costa Rica announced a "deal" with Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico and the International Organization for Migration to transport least 8,000 Cuban migrants holed up at its border to San Salvador by airlift. It will then transport them by bus through Guatemala and into Mexico, with the goal of depositing them at the U.S. border for illegal entry.
The Cubans, who had been been denied travel visas by Nicaragua, could then take advantage of the Cuban Adjustment Act for permanent residence in the U.S.
The 1995 rule, familiarly known as "wet foot, dry foot," was a relic of an earlier era, when Cuban refugees really did flee the horrors of communism for freedom.
Today, the migrants leave for economic reasons, according to a report Monday in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, which interviewed new Cuban arrivals.
This deal is notable in that Uncle Sam wasn't invited to it. Despite the cultural and language affinity that Cubans have with the rest of Latin America, it's just to dump them at the U.S. border and let the gringos pay. Win-win for them, lose-lose for us.
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cimbri said...

If the US doesn't elect Trump, I have no sympathy. The People are being given this one last chance to save the country. I hope and pray that they don't elect another crooked, paid off politician, like they always do.