Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The 'Father Of Conservative Activism' Endorses Ted Cruz

Countering 91-year-old Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly's surprise support for Donald Trump, very much connected to her concerns about the long-term effects of immigration on the American electorate, Leadership Institute founder and president Morton Blackwell has now enthusiastically endorsed Iowa frontrunner Ted Cruz.
In November, Blackwell wrote an article on the influential Red State website contending that "Several candidates now running appear to be more conservative than anyone Republicans have nominated for president since Reagan," yet conservatives "haven't yet come close to uniting."
Blackwell argued, however, that the right could unite, secure the Republican nomination, and then win the White House in November.
Among the criteria Blackwell outlined for a candidate were "a record of personal activism and leadership for conservative principles," being "surrounded by people notable for their firm commitment to conservative principles," fighting hard "for conservative principles when it appeared to be a losing battle," a lack of flip-flopping on policy positions, and "helping conservative organizations and working to elect conservative candidates."
On Friday, Blackwell named the candidate he believes has met those concerns. "I have decided to endorse Ted Cruz and to urge other serious conservatives to join me in supporting Cruz." According to Blackwell, Cruz has "consistently demonstrated his deep commitment to conservative principles," works hard for them, "is very smart," is "a world-class speaker," and has "shown that he can raise the large amounts of money necessary to win the nomination and the November election."
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cimbri said...

Never heard of him. Is he an annointed King like Cruz?