Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Op-ed: Using Veterans and Wounded Warriors as a Political Ploy .. Shameful Just Shameful

Using Veterans and Wounded Warriors as a Political Ploy...Shameful Just Shameful
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Short and to the point...

Below is Donald Trump's ego driven and highly insulting official statement on why he will NOT be attending Thursday night's 'FOX News Debate'...and his using our veterans and Wounded Warriors to try and justify his absence is shameful...completely and utterly this oh so sudden and hastily arranged fundraiser could have been done on another day...any other day...that is if Trump really cared about our veterans and Wounded Warriors and did not use them to stroke his now bruised ego.

With his refusing to attend the debate...which is also quite a slap in the face to the good people of Iowa...Donald Trump has now proven himself to be a whiny crybaby who when he does not get his this case because of FOX's decision to stand by Megyn Kelly as one of the moderator's of the debate and not replace her as he had demanded...Trump stamps his feet and throws a temper tantrum just like a two-year old child would do.

Now proving that he does not have what it takes to hold the office of proving by the very wording of this statement that this race for him is not about doing what's best for our country but is just a narcissistic ego trip for him, Trump's still carrying on this boo-hoo 'Megyn Kelly doesn't like me' grudge because he did not like the first question she asked him back during the first presidential debate, shows that if Donald Trump cannot take the political heat...if he cannot take being asked simple questions...then he should do us and our country a favor and stay out of the political fire...period.


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cimbri said...

Not shameful at all. Trump talk about vets every day at his rallies. Some establishment analysts are not paying attention.