Sunday, January 24, 2016

Obama's 'Fast and Furious' Scandal Comes Back To Life

Accountability: The infamous and deadly "gun walking" scandal President Obama stonewalled and then dismissed as "phony" years ago may finally get the attention it deserves, thanks to two recent developments.
For those who don't remember, Fast and Furious was a Justice Dept. program that allowed illegal gun sales in the U.S. to Mexican criminals, allegedly as a way to track them. But internal documents later revealed that the plan was to use Fast and Furious as a pretext to impose stricter rules on gun sales.
Whatever their intentions, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents almost immediately lost track of most of the 2,000 or so guns sold through the program.
That is, until they start showing up at murder scenes on both sides of the border, including one that claimed the life of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
If was only after Terry's tragic death that this woefully misbegotten program came to light. And then, "the most transparent administration in history" initially lied about the program to Congress.
And then Team Obama set about to stonewall investigations into who was responsible by withholding documents — for which former Attorney General Eric Holder earned a contempt of Congress rap — and later claiming executive privilege.
The administration's strategy, abetted by a compliant media, seemed to work, and the bloody scandal has been dormant for years despite the lack of answers or accountability.
But this week breathed new life into Fast and Furious.
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