Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Juries Not Buying Into Obama's Racist-Cop Conspiracy Theories

War On Cops: In case after case, jurors are siding with police over civil rights activists who have accused them of racially targeting young black men for murder. The Black Lives Matter movement is proving a fraud.
The latest exoneration came Monday in Cleveland, where a grand jury refused to indict a white cop for shooting a black youth after he pulled a gun out of his waistband and threatened him with it.
It was supposed to be a slam dunk case of a racially motivated police shooting. But newly enhanced surveillance video made it "indisputably clear" that the boy approached the cop, lifted his shirt and reached for the pellet gun, which was "indistinguishable" from a real gun.
Before shooting, the officer yelled repeatedly, "Show me your hands" as loud as he could. But the boy refused to comply, brandishing the gun instead.
Watch Tamir Rice video above
The grand jury also learned that Tamir Rice appeared much older than 12. At 175 pounds and wearing size 12 shoes, he looked like a young man when the officer and his partner responded to a call of a "guy with a pistol" scaring people.
Of course, that's not how Black Lives Matter protestors have portrayed the facts. They convinced the gullible media that the two racist patrolmen pulled up on an innocent little boy as he played with a toy in the park and gunned him down in cold blood. They demanded city officials charge the cops with murder.
Black Lives Matter protestors tried to portray this type
 of image as to what the cops confronted
Jurors heard the actual facts in the case and concluded there was no reason for the cops to know that Rice was threatening them with a pellet gun and therefore had reason to fear for their lives. And they found no racial animus in the tragic shooting.
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