Thursday, January 28, 2016

John Kerry: It’s OK If Iran Nuclear Deal Money Funds Terrorism

Iran: Secretary of State John Kerry reaffirmed what President Obama admitted months ago: Their nuclear deal provides cash that will increase Iranian terrorism. But it’s OK, Kerry said, because Iran’s neighbors will survive.
After 9/11, American patience with terrorism was supposed to have been exhausted, and we would use our might to destroy it everywhere.
Fourteen years later, we actually have a president who made a pact with the world’s foremost terrorist state that finances the increase of its terrorism.
The nation’s chief diplomat, who negotiated the deal with Iran, told CNBC on Thursday that some of the money released to Tehran under the deal “will end up in the hands of” Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard, “or of other entities, some of which are labeled terrorists.”
Only “labeled”? Is Kerry actually disputing the incontrovertible fact that the Iranian regime has for decades been — and continues to act as — the biggest terrorist financier in the world, in particular the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah?
Don’t worry, says Kerry. “The Saudis alone spend $80 billion a year on defense,” he said. “Iran spends $15 billion a year on its military activities. So it’s so incredibly disproportionate.” That plus U.S. support will “guarantee that they will be secure,” according to Kerry.
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