Saturday, January 16, 2016


Pope Francis waves to the faithful gathered in St. 
Peter's Square at the Vatican on Jan. 10, 2016. AP
Politics: As migrants flood Europe and their EU enablers dive for cover, even Pope Francis has shifted tone, conceding that the latest wave undermines the continent's "humanistic spirit." Has a light gone on at the Vatican?
The Pope's address to the Vatican diplomatic corps on Monday wasn't exactly a U-turn, and to be sure it came with lots of the usual exhortations about caring for widows and orphans. But there was significantly stronger recognition of the reality that Europe's migrant wave is largely an organized invasion of young Mideast men who mean to wreak havoc.
"Given the immense influx and the inevitable problems it creates," he said, "a number of questions have be raised about the real possibilities for accepting and accommodating people, about changes in the cultural and social structures of the receiving countries, and about the reshaping of certain regional geopolitical balances."
He pointed to Islam's problem with assimilation and said migrants have a responsibility to "respect the value, traditions and laws of the community that takes them in." This was a sensible thing to say in the wake of the migrants' molestation of women in Cologne, Germany, and across Europe on New Year's Day.
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