Wednesday, January 20, 2016

INVASION OF EUROPE: European Union says its Migrant Resettlement Plan is Not Working

The European Union's top migration official said Thursday that the 28-nation bloc's plan to manage a refugee crisis is not working and failure could have devastating consequences for European unity.
“The situation is getting worse,” Migration Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos told EU lawmakers in Brussels. “These schemes have not delivered the expected results,” he added.
In September, the EU unveiled measures that would distribute settlement of 160,000 refugees across member countries to ease the crushing burden on Greece and Italy, where most arrive after fleeing violence in Syria, Iraq and other conflict zones. Yet fewer than 300 refugees have been sent to other countries under the plan, EU data show.
More than 1 million migrants entered Europe in 2015, with the vast majority winding up in Germany, which opened its doors to them last year. However, opposition to taking in migrants has grown in Germany and elsewhere in Europe since reports of mass assaults on women by recent migrants at New Year's Eve gatherings.
Avramopoulos said newcomers to Greece and Italy are still not being processed quickly enough, and countries that signed up with the plan had made just a few thousand spaces available. A deal with Turkey — where 2 million Syrians are marooned — to send refugees directly from the Turkish capital Ankara to EU countries also has stalled.
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