Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hiring Our Next President

"We the People" are who's the boss here in the United States. We are currently looking for a new CEO to lead our country. There are several applications being filled out by candidates of various parties. What are some things we should be asking during the interview process?

I was very excited about how many very qualified Republican candidates were lining up at the starting gate. But, Experienced governors have been in "undercard" debates because polls show inexperienced candidates are more popular - even though a fairly recent poll of 5,000 previous caucus goers in Iowa revealed 75% haven't made up their minds and 58% don't even have a favorite.

We've seen experienced government CEO'S - Governors - dropping out and inexperienced junior senators rising to the top in the polls. #WakeUpAmerica!!! The last 7 years should have shown us we need to be smarter than that!

There are several laws about what we can and cannot ask in job interviews. One of the questions we can ask is about their attendance record.

Voters sent a Republican majority to Washington to stop Obama.

Did you know "MOST EMPLOYEES GET FIRED BECAUSE OF POOR ATTENDANCE..."? The introductory quote to the article says: "Workers can’t get the job done if they’re not on the job. So what do you do about employees who are not reliably on the job...?"

We have three JUNIOR Senators that think we should give them a raise and a promotion for their poor attendance and inability to do the jobs "We the People" are paying them salaries to do. Shouldn't their poor attendance and poor job performance be a reason for being fired rather than promoted? If they don't have the proper work ethics to earn their salaries now, why should we expect that to change?

If they can't lead in a way to convince their co-workers to pass needed legislation now that they have the majority, what makes them think they have what it takes to lead a whole country?

Show me your attendance records.

Show me ABSOLUTE PROOF that you are a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of the United States over the age of 35 and have lived in the United States for fourteen years. And don't try throwing the opinions of smooth talking lawyers that go against our founders intent as "proof".

We need the cream of the crop to choose from for our final decisions. Show me your resume with the accomplishments most relevant to the job of a Chief-Executive-Officer.

After 8 years of a "leader" that has divided our country, we need someone with a history of uniting. Show us your accomplishments uniting those of differing opinions to work together for the greater good.

Now, if we could just get the moderators to ask some relevant questions during the debates AND get the media and "kingmakers" to quit trying to choose for us, maybe we can nominate the best candidates to choose from this November.

Vote wisely, Americans, because the future of America depends on it.

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Anonymous said...

You raise some excellent points, Granny T. This is an unusual Republican campaign in every way. I pray that the next debates will be more fair in letting those speak who are the most experienced and successful of the candidates in the real arena of government (governors like Gov. Mike Huckabee)and not just leave us viewers in the imaginary political world of "If I become President I will..." We can judge a man or woman by their record; we can only "hope" or "guess" by trusting the candidate's rhetoric and promises. I agree that senators should not be campaigning on the public's dole, and that they should be staying in Washington D.C. to do their job of stopping Obama and reducing spending. We need to make it law that they must resign their job to run for President.

Linda Rayborn said...

I think voters are so angry they want to "sock it to the Republican Party" and give us someone who is totally inexperienced in politics because they, mistakenly, blame all politicians for the failings of the few in Washington who have disappointed them. They don't realize, they are only going to hurt themselves and ALL of us, if they choose yet another inexperienced, ego maniac instead of looking at the great, qualified candidates who have the maturity, temperament
AND experience for the job.

Anonymous said...

CRUZ 16!

cimbri said...

We need to nominate someone who is electable. Trump is the only one who can win the election. The Republican candidate has won the popular vote once since 1988. If we nominate another standard, pro-business Republican without an ounce of care for the common man, we will lose again.