Saturday, January 2, 2016

Did We Create Vietnamistan?

Afghan security forces patrol near Kunduz city, north of 
Kabul. AP
Afghanistan: A few hundred Taliban can overrun 18,000 Afghan soldiers, then seize their U.S. weaponry. No wonder the exasperated U.S. commander threatens to "pull my advisers immediately" and throw in the towel.
The U.S. is performing a pathetic charade in Afghanistan, a Washington Post report reveals. A residue of U.S. forces is just buying time before the inevitable comeback of the Taliban.
The terrorists who hosted al-Qaida's training for the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist operation are now in control of more Afghan territory than at any time since that dark day in America 14 years ago.
See the Federal Taxes section of your pay stub? Some of that arms the Taliban which, in seizing Afghan bases, grabs all the U.S.-provided weapons left behind.
We've seen this before, with the Islamic State in Iraq and with the communists in Vietnam. America had a plan to help the people we abandoned win. But in the immortal words of former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."
Taliban raid on Afghan airport kills at least eight
The Post story finds Afghan personnel describing the Taliban as a relentless adversary, "well-trained and equipped with heavy artillery and machine guns, rockets and mortars — and a seemingly endless supply of ammunition," snipers with night-vision scopes, Russian ZSU night-vision antiaircraft guns "and a communications network that is difficult to infiltrate."
The much-underestimated rag-tag refugees from the 14th century, in other words, have gone high-tech.
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