Sunday, January 3, 2016

Did Obama Spy On Israel And Congress?

Politics: The White House has been caught red-handed spying on an ally again and may have illegally spied on opponents in Congress. At a minimum, it shows the premium Team Obama places on politics over national security.
How is it that a president can trust Russia to take care of Iran's nuclear stockpile but sic his spies on Israel, the faithful U.S. ally that saw the whole "Iran Deal" as an existential threat?
According to a front page Wall Street Journal story Wednesday, the Israeli prime minister's private communications were targets for interception by the NSA, on the dubious grounds that Israel might know the U.S.-Iran deal's details before they were announced. It went directly against President Obama's public pledge two years ago to quit spying on allies after Wikileaks revelations of ally-spying left a trail of bad feelings from Brazil to Germany. Now, America will lose more credibility abroad. Even worse, this might have led to the spy microphones being turned illegally on Congress.
Benjamin Netanyahu and his aides discussed a plan to have the Israeli prime minister make his case before Congress. This had no intelligence value whatsoever. After all, Netanyahu wasn't spilling secrets — just discussing whether to speak about the deal. Eavesdropping on conversations of Congress runs counter to all the legal safeguards in place to ensure the separation of powers.
Read the rest of this IBD editorial HERE and follow a link to a related story below:

U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress: NSA’s targeting of Israeli leaders swept up the content of private conversations with U.S. lawmakers

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