Friday, January 29, 2016

A Cruz Win in Iowa is the ONLY HOPE Non-Trump Supporters have of Keeping Their Candidates in the Race

Ted Cruz is the only candidate positioned in Iowa to take the air out of Donald Trump's sails.

If Trump manages to come in first in Iowa, supporters of Rubio, Carson, Bush, Paul, and the others, can kiss GOODBYE to any realistic chances their candidates have down the road of getting the nomination

Trump with a win in Iowa, would then have the momentum to go on to New Hampshire and win there as well making it almost impossible for any of the other candidates to emerge later in the other races.

A Cruz victory in Iowa would show that Trump is not invincible and may even pave the way for a surprise win in New Hampshire by one of the other non-Trump candidates.

My advise to Non-Trump supporters in Iowa, If you want to keep your candidate alive to fight another day, CAUCUS FOR CRUZ on February 1!

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