Thursday, November 26, 2015

USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings: WEEK 13

Ben Carson appears to be slipping.
For the first time since early October, Carson has dropped out of the top three in the weekly GOP Power Rankings.
Each week we ask 30 smart political types who they think is the strongest candidate in the GOP field, and in the wake of the Paris terror attacks the answer is clear: Trump up, Carson down. This is the first week that Carson did not receive a single first-place vote from our panel.
“Carson is cratering,” said Texas-based Matt Mackowiak. “Support was soft to begin with and his campaign was woefully unprepared for front runner scrutiny.”
... “Cruz and Rubio are moving up,” said former presidential candidate Herman Cain. “Carson is losing a little support.”
Journalist Carl Leubsdorf said Carson is “losing strength because of questions about his autobiography and his foreign policy knowledge. Some of his evangelical support appears to be moving to Cruz, especially in pivotal Iowa.”
“I’m putting Cruz second this week,” said former congressman Dan Maffei. “He is holding his own in the polls and the Christian right loves him. When Carson eventually collapses, he will benefit.” ...
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