Saturday, November 28, 2015

U.S. Bombers That Don't Bomb ISIS

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., confirming a report published earlier this year by the U.S. Central Command, said U.S. pilots report being ordered not to drop 75% of their bombs on terrorist targets.
An exasperated Royce complained last week: "You went 12 full months while ISIS was on the march without the U.S. using that air power and now as the pilots come back to talk to us they say three-quarters of our ordnance we can't drop, we can't get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us."
"The fact that aircraft go on missions and don't strike anything is not out of the norm," the Pentagon told the Washington Free Beacon.
But retired four-star Gen. Jack Keane called it "an absurdity from the beginning" based on President Obama's demand of zero casualties that, according to Keane, "has driven our so-called rules of engagement to a degree we have never had in any previous air campaign from Desert Storm to the present."
Keane claimed that neither French nor Russian pilots operate under such restrictions.
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