Sunday, November 8, 2015

Trump's Liberal Stripes Are Starting To Show

2016: As Donald Trump's poll numbers have faltered, his rhetoric, if you can believe it, has heated up. Except now he's starting to attack his Republican opponents from the left.
'They're gonna cut Social Security. They're gonna cut Medicare. They're gonna cut Medicaid. I'm the one saying I'm not gonna do that."
Trump speaks at a press conference at Trump Tower 
in New York on Tuesday. AP
"They're attacking Social Security — the Republicans — they're attacking Medicare and Medicaid."
"Ben Carson wants to knock out Medicare. He wants to abolish Medicare." Paul Ryan is "so anti-Medicare/ Medicaid/Social Security."
No, that's not Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders bashing Republicans for offering much-needed entitlement reform plans. The favorite candidate of many conservatives — Donald Trump — uttered them, and with increased frequency as his poll numbers started to slip.
Some will argue that Trump is just warning Republicans off this issue, since entitlement reform is so easily demagogued by Democrats. Even Trump has said in the past that the GOP should focus on economic growth instead of this hot-button issue.
That might be sound advice, if that was what Trump was giving. It's not. Because if he was, he'd say something like this: "We need to reform entitlement programs, and my Republican colleagues have put forward many excellent free-market reform ideas — ideas that have been shamefully and dishonestly attacked by do-nothing Democrats for political gains.
"Still, our first priority must be to grow the economy. Once we've done that, entitlement reform will be much easier to achieve."
Read the rest of this IBD editorial HERE.

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CMK said...

His numbers are going up not down. He is warning people about what they will get if they stay with a RINO. I have heard many of the other Candidates put Trump down for things. Your hack job piece is not going to work.

Philip said...

Trump does not attack Sen. Ted Cruz. Ever wonder why? lol The Liberal Media attacks those who threaten the Establishment. WE THE PEOPLE are ready to STRING UP THE ESTABLISHMENT with a ROPE.

CRUZ 16 said...

CMK, Do you have any idea why a CONSERVATIVE site like RS is against Trump?

Could it be that Trump has NO RECORD of conservatism?

Anonymous said...

PAUL RYAN & MITCH McCONNELL, JOHN McCAIN, LINDSEY GRAHAM MUST GO! The Republican party as a whole are coming off like spineless (being nice) bunch of elites that think they are in charge of what WE THE PEOPLE voted on and the reason Trump was elected. They refuse to stand up for him, back his agenda....they need to be move out of the way. Yes Trump has made mistakes, gotten himself in trouble with talking and tweeting too much. But I don't think he ever thought the deep state and the left over OBAMANITES were so powerful and the Republican swamp is deep or deeper than the Democrats. AMERICA BETTER STAND UP and SPEAK OUT or we are doomed to fail and I sincerely believe this if our last chance of not becoming a liberal socialist country. #MAGA