Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Incredible Shrinking President: Obama's Words Belittle The Office

Constitutionally, Barack Obama has 427 days left in his second term.
But actually, the Democrat has already abdicated his role in the highest office that his countrymen can ever bestow.
His petty, petulant remarks recently and especially abroad this week confirmed the sadness.
Obama's not even a lame duck anymore. Ironic that he controls the most power on the planet. But stands before us and the world now as a mere shell of an American leader, bereft of any real influence or earned stature. He's ignored by Russia, defied by Iran. Instead of respect, he gets heads shaking.
Growing numbers of Americans, even fellow Democrats, are not just shocked by recent Obama behaviors. They are disturbed. Maybe even frightened for our country, their kids, like many of us facing these last 14 unpredictable months of his reign. Not that they're new Obama behaviors, but the same ones more frequent and extreme.
Obama has always tried to appear detached from events around him. He's not afraid of anything, understand. He's just so much more intelligent than mere mortals that he can't be bothered. Now, Obama's simply detached -- from world events, from political priorities, from reality.
The U.S. economy is roaring back. Not a scintilla of IRS corruption. No national security damage in Hillary Clinton's unsecure private email server. ObamaCare is a huge success. The VA hospital system is fixed. American global influence and approval have never been greater. The Fort Hood shootings were workplace violence. Russia's annexation of Crimea will not stand.
Benghazi was about a video. Global warming is the worst national security threat. Iran will self-police itself from acquiring nuclear weapons. ISIS is minor league. Its forces are contained. The death of 130 Parisians is a setback. Putin is isolated. A deadly Delta Force-ISIS firefight was not combat.
There's no such thing as radical Islam. Yemen is an anti-terrorism success story. Releasing Guantanamo terrorists cripples al Qaeda recruiting. He can change laws by fiat.
Obama's 10,000+ authorized Syrian refugees are all widows and orphans. Each of them will be thoroughly vetted -- trust him and the U.N. -- despite the absence of any documentation, databases or functioning governments there. Just like the refugee Tsarnaev boys. Oh, wait! They were the Boston bomber brothers.
Read the rest of this Andrew Malcolm op-ed HERE.

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