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Op-ed: Keystone is Dead...But Only Until January 2017

Keystone is Dead...But Only Until January 2017 

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been president for almost seven full years now and in this time this man has done every and anything...has used every and any kill projects that would be good for the American economy...projects that would help stimulate economic growth. And he held true to form when just last Friday he vetoed the building of the Keystone XL oil pipeline citing climate change as his main reason why followed by concerns about the impact on the environment, and a Republican agenda that over-hyped the pipeline's benefits.

In other words, TransCanada's $8 billion project whose 1,179 mile pipeline would have carried 800,000 barrels a day of crude-oil from the Canadian oil sands to the Gulf Coast...a project that would have created thousands of American jobs, pored millions of dollars into our economy, and helped to cut our dependence on foreign oil...the brethren's oil...has been vetoed primarily because of the WEATHER.

America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change...and, frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership,” Obama said as he tried to make us believe that climate change is anything but the WEATHER.

And know his veto...a veto we knew would come from day one...came conveniently mere weeks before a December U(seless) N(ations) summit meeting on climate change. And to that affect Obama feared approval of this pipeline would have damaged what he wants as part of his legacy on environmental issues...that being his helping to broker what he calls a “historic agreement” committing the world’s nations...committing the set in place new policies to counter global counter the 'WEATHER.' 

And herein lies the farce behind what Obama claims is the main reason for vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Remember, there is NO such thing as global warming or its newest moniker de-jour...climate change...for it's the WEATHER...naturally occurring WEATHER cycles and NOTHING more. And Obama's excuse that rising sea levels caused by melting glacial ice is a result of climate change is the same excuse the eco-wackos and 'know-NOTHING-at-alls' like Al Gore love to cite as the chief effect of climate change. But I hate to tell Obama and his cronies...NO actually I enjoy telling Obama and his cronies...the fact is that most, if NOT all, tide gauges show NO discernible rise in sea levels at all, and NONE show any acceleration over the past 20 years. In fact, last year a record amount of sea ice was recorded in Antarctica, ice increased in the Arctic, and record snows and cold were recorded worldwide courtesy of a naturally occurring Polar Vortex. And the once endangered polar bears are now thriving and increasing in record numbers, while Lake Superior had only three months in the entirety of 2014 that was completely ice-free.

So much for Obama's rising sea levels and melting glacial ice as the reason for vetoing the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Another fact often touted by the climate change/global warming 'bunch'...and another Obama reason NOT to build the that man caused the increase in CO2 levels worldwide and that those levels will continue to rise to dangerous levels if said pipeline comes online. Well here's a shocker 'the bunch' does NOT want you to know...last year NASA launched a satellite specifically to measure CO2 levels around the globe, with the assumption that most of the CO2 would be coming from the industrialized northern hemisphere. But much to the climate change/global warming 'bunch's' chagrin, the satellite's findings showed rising CO2 levels emanated instead from the rainforests in South America, Africa, and China. And why so...because rising CO2 levels are due to the naturally occurring and ongoing decay of plant and animal matter. So, Obama loses again on his argument that Keystone would increase CO2 levels. 

And let's NOT forget that Obama sings the doomsayers line that climate change/global warming has caused “the forced migration of millions of people” due to escalating heat...which too has been proven false as we are actually entering another 'little ice age.' Saying the heat has caused a widespread agricultural/economic collapse that could, in time, happen here is also NOT true as there is NO widespread agricultural collapse other than certain crops being affected by the cyclic droughts and floods that have occurred in certain areas of the world since man first learned to till the soil. 

In fact, the Obama touted 'supposed' economic collapse is NOTHING but a manufactured crisis to suck-in tax dollars as the world's most powerful governments...including our own...use climate change/global warming to gain more power through taxes...taxes such as the 'Cap and Trade' and the Carbon Tax. And remember, the global elitists...Obama included...actually profit from carbon taxes and other 'so-called' green energy laws as they buy into the nonsense that the structural causes of climate change are linked to the current so-called capitalist hegemonic (authoritarian) system, as bloviated at last summer's gathering of environmental groups in Venezuela...groups whose main goal was and is to attack free-market capitalism.

So while Obama says the environment coupled with climate change/global warming is his reason for vetoing the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline...the stuff of fairy tales, myths, and lies...the scientific truth is that the Earth heats up and cools down in cycles as our planet's axis tilts and as our orbit moves closer than farther away from the sun. And NOT to be forgotten is that the sun itself has active and dormant states as well, including periods of solar flares that also affect the climate here on Earth. And Obama knows this yet he still vetoed the pipeline simply because his 'brethren' would NOT be happy...NOT happy at all.

Saying the pipeline "would not serve the interests of the United States” that it is “not in the country's national security interest,” Obama once again proves where his true allegiances lie for how can cutting our dependence on foreign oil NOT be in America's best interest especially when said oil can be drilled for, processed, and refined, right here in the U.S.A...along with creating all the jobs that go along with it. Also citing falling gasoline prices as another argument against the pipeline...prices which can go up at the whim of OPEC...Obama added that he believed Keystone has had an "over-inflated role in our political discourse,” and that “the project's potential to create jobs and the potential environmental threats were exaggerated.”

A statement like that sort of plays both sides against the middle I would say.

'Political discourse' played to the hilt for while environmentalists squawked for years that extracting petroleum from the Canadian oil sands would produce about 17% more greenhouse gases/carbon pollution than the process of extracting conventional would be "unlikely to significantly impact the rate of extraction in the oil sands," were the exact words in the 11-volume State Department report concerning the pipeline. And the report also showed that construction of the pipeline itself would have little if any impact on whether that type of oil was burned, because it was already being extracted and moved to the U.S. market by other means, as in via rail and existing pipelines.

There goes Obama's claim about the negative environmental impact of the pipeline.
Obama also claimed that by "most realistic estimates... maybe 2,000 jobs during the construction of the pipeline would be created.” And to that I say 'LIAR' as TransCanada's CEO Russ Girling, said the project would create 42,000 jobs..."ongoing and enduring" jobs. And former House Speaker John Boehner said before retiring that, "The nearly six-year delay in approving Keystone is costing Americans more than 100,000 jobs." Both a huge difference from Obama's low-ball 2,000 jobs figure.

And the report also showed that NOT only would above said 42,000 jobs be created...'spin-off' jobs supported by construction workers who purchase materials for said project or spend their wages in the economy would be created as well, resulting in significant economic growth to the tune of about $3.4 billion or approximately 0.2 percent of the U.S. the jobs excuse of Obama's clearly does NOT hold true either.

As for Obama's bloviations that the State Department findings do NOT show a lowering of oil or gas prices, or a significant reduction in American dependence on foreign oil, once again, and might I say par for the course, he is LYING.

Currently oil prices are still controlled by OPEC although their hold on price control is slipping somewhat due to the ongoing problems in the Middle East. And while oil prices should work off the premise of 'supply and demand' in when 'supply and demand' increases prices should drop and decrease. However, right now OPEC retains control of oil prices through a 'pricing-over-volume' strategy, because the fact is that oil remains the worldwide 'preferred' source of energy...windmills and solar panels don't cut it...and that translates to demand NOT volume controlling the prices.

But a wrench of sorts has been thrown into the mix with the discovery of shale in the U.S. And as per the Energy Information Administration, thanks to that discovery, this year U.S. oil production is expected to reach 9.7 million barrels, surpassing the 9.6 million barrels per day that was produced in 1972. And we are NOT the only country now getting oil from shale...over the past two years China and Argentina have drilled more than 475 shale wells between them. Also, Australia, Columbia, Poland, and Algeria, are exploring the possibility of extracting oil from shale...meaning those countries demand for Arab oil will also be dropping resulting in OPEC losing even more control over the pricing of exported oil.

And that scenario could work here as well for the more shale oil we produce coupled with the more actual oil wells we drill...the less we will have to depend on foreign oil...on Arab oil...on the brethren's oil. And what extra oil we do need...if we actually need much better coming from America-friendly Canada (we currently import 36% of our oil from Canada but unfortunately many U.S. refineries ship the bulk of it abroad in the guise of refined fuel) than it is from let's say Saudi Arabia...or worse from Iran...which thanks to Obama's very bad nuclear deal will soon be flooding the market with millions of stored barrels of oil. And while that might lower gas prices temporarily the only ones truly profiting from that will be Iran itself...America's enemy, Obama's friend. 

And while the U.S. is sitting on the world’s largest untapped natural oil reserve...a reserve that would NOT only mitigate the over $400 billion sent overseas to other countries, but a reserve that could create millions of jobs and put the country back on a sound financial footing, Obama still refuses to do anything about it, instead willingly keeping us dependent on his brethren's oil. And true to course, while 61+% of Americans support the building of the pipeline...with those NOT supporting it being the wacko environmentalists, the liberal progressives, and the socialist sorts...all of whom hate everything about our capitalistic based society...Obama decides to side with them instead of with the wants of 'We the People.' 

So by his vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline...which helps the brethren continue their reign over America's energy needs, and in turn allows them to both control and manipulate America's role in the Middle East...the true agenda of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is once again in the open for all to see...and for Congress NOT to do a damn thing about. Hurry up January 20, 2017...just saying. 

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