Monday, November 9, 2015

Op-ed: Can You Say 'Cover-Up'

Can You Say 'Cover-Up'
By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Some interesting developments regarding the crash of Flight 7K9268...over the weekend a high ranking Russian official met with Obama and crew in D.C. to discuss the plane crash and now suddenly the always claimed 'muffled' uncharacteristic sound heard in the cockpit has become a 'loud' noise consistent with a bomb.

Can you say cover-up BIG time especially with the F.B.I offering to 'help' the the Russians need our help with investigating a crash site. And still NO explosive residue has been found on the bodies or suitcases...bottom line...NO bomb on board brought that plane down...a missile did...period.

Look at the long dark rectangular object coming down off the left side of the plane...that is consistent with the size and shape of a Russian S-202 the one used by the Russian dissidents who took down the Malaysian flight over Russia a few years ago. I, and my Right Side Patriot partner Craig Andresen, believe this type of missile 'somehow' got into the hands of ISIS who then took the plane down as payback for Putin's bombing the hell out of them and their in the anything but moderate Syria...and worse...there will probably be more incidents like this coming.

Are American planes next...that is a key question that must be addressed by this administration. However, when we have a president in office who cannot even say the words 'islamic terrorism' the possibility of this happening to one of ours becomes a scary reality indeed.

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