Thursday, November 26, 2015

Obama's Pollard Ploy

National Security: America's most anti-Israel president sets a convicted traitor free in the hopes of appearing pro-Israeli. But Jonathan Pollard didn't spy only for an ally. He tried to sell secrets to Pakistan as well.
The official Israeli line on Jonathan Pollard is he spied for the Jewish state exclusively. And it's not that bad for an American Jew to give U.S. secrets to its most loyal Mideast ally, considering how threatened Israel has been through its existence.
Jonathan Pollard spied for his own interests 
as much as Israel's.
In fact, Pollard was, more than anything else, a spy for Pollard. The Navy's prosecution found that he repeatedly tried to sell Pakistan secrets, which in the following decade became the first Islamic state to build nuclear arms, and is no friend of Israel. He gave secrets to South Africa, which in the 1960s helped Israel become a nuclear power.
Pollard also gave secrets regarding China to his then wife, and turned over to brokers secrets about foreign economies and governments. His motive in these cases was not tied to Israel's interests, but rather those of his wallet. Even the secrets he gave Israel were paid for with tens of thousands in cash, jewels and reimbursements for meals and accommodations.
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