Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Polls: Carson and Cruz Surge; Trump Shaky

A quick polling update before next week's Republican Party presidential debate. And it's very good news for Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. But just so-so news for Donald Trump.
A new Public Policy Polling survey of Iowa Republicans shows that Carson at 21% has moved into an essential tie for first place there with Trump at 22%. What struck those pollsters, however, was Cruz' six point surge to 14% and third place. Marco Rubio also jumped up two points to fourth with 10%. Others in the GOP field were all in single digits, PPP found.
Also Monday a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News national poll showed Carson has jumped into first place at 29%, triple his support in July. The retired doctor is now substantially ahead of the 23% of Trump, who slipped two points in two weeks after a lackluster debate performance recently.
Carson's surge from 22% is the first time any GOP candidate has exceeded 25% in the WSJ/NBC poll. It's also the first time since June that the real estate baron has not talked atop the Republican field and the first time any candidate has exceeded 50% as the first or second choice of Republicans nationally.
Trump lags now at 35% in that category. Rubio at 11% and Cruz (10%) remain within striking distance. The others stand at three percent or less.
Carson's move nationally confirms his impressive climb to stardom, first reported by the IBD/TIPP Poll in early October.
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cimbri said...

Carson crashed in the Reuters poll. but anyway...