Friday, November 13, 2015

Ivory Tower Elite Hoisted By Own PC Petards

A member of a black student protest group gestures 
while addressing a crowd at the Unv of Missouri in 
Columbia, Mo. AP
Academia: The University of Missouri has been besieged by campus protests by African-Americans. What terrible racial injustices have been wrought? A cross burning? Nooses hanging from trees? Nope, "drive-by racism."
The entire uprising centers on a vague complaint of an unspecified racial slur shouted at a single black student allegedly by a passing motorist. The complainant, a well-known campus activist, isn't even sure if the offending person is a student at the university.
But no matter. There was also a report of a swastika painted on the wall of a bathroom in a dormitory. No one is sure if the symbol was intended to insult Jews or blacks.
In any case, students of color felt the two incidents symbolized the "systematic oppression" experienced by them at the university. And so they demanded the president, Tim Wolfe, step down. And he did, followed by the chancellor, both of whom are white.
What were their racist crimes? They weren't moving fast enough on their own pre-protest plan to promote diversity at the school, part of which had already been implemented in the form of an online diversity training program.
Oh, and the president had the audacity to choose to not get out and talk to a threatening mob of angry black protesters after they surrounded and blocked his car during a homecoming parade.
Now that these Bull Connors have been run out of Columbia, the black activists — who say they were influenced by last year's protests in Ferguson, even staging "die-ins" feigning death in Michael Brown's memory — are demanding they be replaced with, you guessed it, African-American administrators.
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