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Investigative Report: Flight 7K9268 Downed...The Truth Exposed

Investigative Report:
Flight 7K9268 Downed...The Truth Exposed
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on

“The soldiers of the caliphate succeeded in bringing down a Russian plane in Sinai.” 
- ISIS statement claiming responsibility for the takedown of Metrojet Flight 7K9268

Russia is a country now in the throws of mourning after last Saturday's crash of Metrojet Flight 7K9268...the worst aviation disaster in Russian history. The Russian Airbus A321, just 23 minutes into its journey back to St. Petersburg from the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, crashed into a mountainous area near Wadi al-Zolomat in Egypt's Sinai peninsula after losing radar contact at 31,000 feet. Killed were all 217 passengers and seven crew members onboard, with wreckage spread out over more than eight square miles of desert...desert that holy men once tread upon.
Russian airline Kogalymavia
operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia

And while leaders in Moscow and Cairo have remained adamant that the jet’s downing was indeed an accident, the fact remains that within hours of the crash a Sinai-based Egyptian militant group...ISIS in the Sinai...claimed it had shot down the plane as payback for Russia's military intervention in Syria and for Vladimir Putin himself aligning with President Bashar al-Assad against the anything but 'so-called' moderate rebels, thus verbally cemented what we have always said were the ties between said rebels and ISIS itself.

And now some 'so-called' government aviation experts...experts who were NOT on-scene yet who insist that the plane was NOT hit from the outside...ignore the fact that cockpit recordings revealed what were “uncharacteristic sounds” for a routine flight in the moments before the plane disappeared from radar...disappeared when just just four minutes before a routine exchange occurred between the crew and air traffic control with no unusual conversation following said exchange.

Still believing that it was either a bomb in the cargo hold set on a timer or on an altitude sensitive device...or that it was a breech of one of the fuel tanks that brought the plane down...the undisputed fact remains that a U.S. satellite picked up heat flashes both at the exact moment the Russian airliner crashed as well as heat flashes emanating from the area the plane was in before it crashed. And those flashes point to a fact either innocently overlooked or more likely to a truth that must not get out. And, we believe that truth to be, contrary to both public opinion and to what the media wants us to believe, that a missile did indeed bring down Metrojet Flight 7K9268.

And here folks is why we believe so.

In photo 1, a still frame lifted directly from the video released by ISIS, you see the plane intact one second before it exploded. In photo 2, lifted from the same video, you see the plane still intact ½ second before it exploded. In photo 3, maybe a 50th to a100th of a second before the actual explosion, notice the heavy dark perfectly shaped rectangular blur below the left wing that was not there a millisecond before...that folks is a projectile hitting the plane. In photo 4, you see the exact moment of impact and the vertical disc-shaped explosion itself along with a graduating halo emanating from the point of impact. And these photos are only the first part of our proof that this plane was indeed taken down by a missile.

Please also take a look at the actual ISIS video at: (before it's taken down) and pay close attention to 'second 4' and you will see the still we posted. Also remember that an ISIS fighter had his cell phone video running as he was looking up, tracking, and recording this specific plane as it was flying if he was waiting for something to happen because he knew something would be happening. And this means he knew both the flight path and the flight timing, therefore, logic dictates that this man was instructed to record this specific explosion to show the world that ISIS is a true force to be reckoned with.

And giving more credence to our above stated scenario is part 2 of our proof...three critical but hushed-up bits of information...information that has been confirmed by medical investigators on scene. First, it has confirmed that neither the debris field itself nor the recovered bodies had any explosive residue on them, and the reason there is no residue on the bodies is because the missile hit was near where the wing joined the body, basically leaving the body itself intact...meaning the people would have no explosive residue on them as the passenger cabin itself was not breached. Now couple that with the fact that if the crash was caused by an explosion in the cargo hold bomb residue would still show up on at least the bodies nearest the detonation in those sitting over the cargo hold, and again no residue has shown up on any of the bodies recovered and most of the bodies have already been recovered.

And if a detonation of the magnitude that would have caused a fuel tank rupture and subsequent explosion occurred, the fact is that said explosion would have quickly engulfed the entire plane turning it into a fireball of sorts burning up everything and everyone in sight...and with only one in five of bodies recovered being burned... some burned so badly that DNA testing will be needed to determine who they are...why then did the majority of bodies recovered show not a sign of being burnt.

The second critical bit of information is that the bodies recovered that were found burned were burned 'ante-mortem'...meaning the burns they incurred happened before actual death and before the plane hit the ground...again with NO explosive residue found anywhere on them as would be if a bomb went off inside the plane as opposed to the plane being hit on the outside. And the third critical piece of information is that this past Tuesday, Alexander Smirnov, a Metrojet official, ruled out both technical issues or pilot error as the cause of the crash, saying instead that it was due to "an external impact on the plane”...and notice the word 'external.'

The last part of our proof involves certain facts that will make some in the regime quite uncomfortable. First, in 2014 U.S. intel sources first suspected that ISIS had garnered surface-to-air missile capability. That was when ISIS claimed to have shot down an Iraqi helicopter and then last July, ISIS released photos showing one of their fighters firing a shoulder mounted SAM or MANPAD, however, the MANPAD system cannot reach the 31,000 foot altitude of the Russian airliner in question. It would take a rather sophisticated system, a radar guided, truck, or transport mounted system like the Russian S-200 to do so, and there have been reports that Russian surface-to-air missiles went missing after the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 back in July 2014. Remember, that jet was shot down over Ukrainian airspace by a group of Russian separatists who used a Buk surface-to-air 9M38 series missile which is capable of reaching planes flying at an altitude of 31,000 feet.

Also, a key fact that again the regime wants kept hidden is that 400 hundred American surface-to-air missiles were 'taken'...if you will...from Libya during the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi...400 missiles that the military admitted were capable of bringing down jetliners. According to Joe diGenova, a former U.S. Attorney who represented the Benghazi whistleblowers... whistleblowers privy to information about the government's response during and after the Benghazi terror attack, the loss of those missiles was one the main reasons the U.S. State Department shut down 19 embassies across the Middle East after the Benghazi attack.  

“We have learned that one of the reasons the administration is so deeply concerned' is that 'there were 400 surface-to-air missiles stolen, and that they the hands of many people, and that the biggest fear in the U.S. intelligence community is that one of these missiles will be used to shoot down an airliner,” diGenova said on the 'Mornings in the Mall' radio program soon after the attack. And when asked if the missiles were now in the hands of al-Qaeda operatives, DiGenova replied, “That is what these people (the whistleblowers) are telling us.”

And from al-Qaeda to ISIS is but a hop, skip, and a jump.

Remember, too, that ISIS has for some time claimed the ability to shoot down passenger jets and we don’t know exactly what sort of weapons, of that nature, ISIS has in their possession, but they could have some of the still missing 400 missiles taken from Benghazi, or one or two of the suspected missing Russian S-200 surface-to-air missiles. But what we do know as fact is that ISIS is in possession of many weapons we left in Iraq when Obama ordered the hasty pull-out, and when coupled with the fact that after the overthrow of Gaddafi many weapons in his possession made their way to Libyan 'so-called' rebels courtesy of the Obama regime...rebels now aligned with must be taken seriously when ISIS makes claims of having the capability of bringing down passenger jets... especially now when it's 'ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula' doing the talking.

But as if on cue to divert us from this truth, comes the theory de-jour that the media wants us to buy into...a theory that a suicide bomber somehow got passed Egyptian security personnel and carried a bomb onto the plane. But again with no bomb residue having been found this scenario gets negated as well. But no matter which scenario you want to believe, the truth is that ISIS is indeed the culprit behind this horrific act. And with that being the case, Vladimir Putin is put in a difficult position because it means 224 Russian citizens were targeted solely to punish Putin for his intervention into the Syrian Civil War.

To be sure, there are numerous theories circulating regarding how Flight 7K9268 met its demise ranging from mechanical failure, a bomb in the cargo hold, a bomb in the passenger compartment, a fuel tank rupturing, and our theory that it was a missile, as evidenced by what we can see in the video. However, a bomb in the cargo hold would have caused severe damage to luggage and yet, photos from the debris field show piles of completely intact luggage and intact clothing. A bomb detonated from within the passenger cabin would have done severe damage to bodies as well as leaving explosive residue on said bodies when, in fact, no such residue has been discovered. Also, aside from a few heavily damaged and dismembered bodies most likely caused by the impact itself, most bodies recovered were intact and showed no evidence whatsoever of being burned. 

And now even Vladmir Putin is backing off his previous statements that terrorism was to blame...but why? Is he concerned how it would play at home should it be discovered that a stolen Russian-made missile, in the hands of ISIS, brought that plane down? Or could Putin have rethought his initial plan to launch a tactical nuclear strike at ISIS in retaliation for the plane's downing, perhaps because some of his allies are having second thoughts about backing such a strike, and Putin needs a face-saving reason not to do it? Whatever the case, this is beginning to smell of a cover-up, but the video, with that vertical blur a blink-of-an-eye before the plane explodes, speaks volumes.

And while Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov continues to claim that it is “inappropriate” to link the crash to Russia's military strategy in Syria, the fact is that innocent lives were lost, and that unlike with the case of Obama who has failed to take any serious action against ISIS at all, Vladimir Putin will indeed avenge those deaths somehow, someway, and will do so sooner rather than later...and we can assure you his rightful revenge will not be pretty...not pretty indeed.

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