Monday, November 9, 2015

INVASION OF EUROPE: Migrants 'on benefits' flood German village moaning 'there's no PlayStation'

More than 750 migrants are set to arrive in Sumte .
VILLAGERS in the sleepy German countryside say their idyllic lives have been shattered by the arrival of 750 migrants in a stark warning shot to Britain about the effects of mass migration.
In a chilling snapshot of what could face communities in the UK, residents of rural Sumte are bracing themselves for a crimewave after being overwhelmed by the huge number of new arrivals, who will soon outnumber them by more than seven-to-one.
Villagers will be outnumbered by the migrants by more
 than seven to one. GETTY
Locals say there are no jobs for the migrants in their sleepy hamlet, meaning they will all end up pocketing 500 euros a month from the German government in benefits.
But astonishingly one ungrateful migrant - who claimed to have fled the Syrian capital Damascus - moaned that his new home was "boring", adding: "There's no PlayStation."
Locals are outraged that they weren't consulted over 
the centre. GETTY
Meanwhile residents are devastated that their community has already changed forever, and railed against Angela Merkel's government who gave them "no say" over how many new arrivals they could accept.
Sumte, in eastern Germany, has been chosen to host a huge reception centre for migrants flooding into the country because it has a complex of disused government offices.
Residents fear the picturesque village will be changed 
forever. GETTY
The tiny village, which has a population of just 100, was originally earmarked to take in 1,000 migrants before officials scaled the plans back.
More than 100 migrants arrived by bus overnight, with the remaining 650 expected to flood into the village in the coming days.
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Maxibell said...

I'm so glad I was lucky enough to make 6 trips to different parts of Germany. On my first trip I began a tour in Oberammergau where The Passion Play is. With the arrival of these invaders, what will now happen to that? A long withstanding play put on by the local villagers after the plague hit Germany. With their disdain for Christians, these illegal implants should stay where their beliefs are and not cause the world to change for them. All countries throughout Europe have numerous churches and cathedrals which I visited. What will become of them? Right next door Poland is taking in Christians whose lives are on the line. Christianity is the way of life in most of Europe until this invasion of a death sentence.