Sunday, November 22, 2015

Immigration Is Finally Recognized As A Terrorist Tool

The Free World, victorious in the Cold War, has been smugly and complacently certain of its security for many years. It is now dawning on us that mighty modern armies and hydrogen bombs are no match for mass migration.
In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Germany and Holland can't even play an exhibition soccer match for fear of another stadium massacre. Neither can Belgium vs. Spain.
This crisis afflicts a Europe paralyzed by its own leftist ideology. The vicious circle is as absurd as it is self-imposed, and possibly inescapable. A new terrorist state, emerging after the U.S. gave up in Iraq, leaves hordes of Muslim refugees in its bloody wake. Western nations feel morally obligated to come to the rescue and take them in. Inevitably, terrorists will be among them.
The West sows the seeds of terrorism by its refusal to conduct the global war on terror effectively, then imports its fruits.
And when we realize we are committing slow suicide? The United Nations warns against "backtracking from commitments made to manage the refugee crisis," as the U.N. refugee agency warned on Tuesday, adding that "refugees should not be turned into scapegoats."
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