Saturday, November 28, 2015

Eurabia: Paris Proves Muslim No-Go Zones No Myth

Rioters burn cars in the troubled suburb of Aulnay-sous
Bois, north of Paris, in November 2005.
Islamic Terror: Since the Friday the 13th Paris attacks, French police have conducted 800 raids and detained 200 suspects. These raids centered on the city's Muslim suburbs. Too bad police didn't focus there previously.
In the tragic aftermath of yet another massacre by bloodthirsty, "Allahu Akbar!"-shrieking savages, we see once again that the root system of terrorism is in the immigrant Muslim communities of our Western cities.
9/11 Hijackers
We saw this after 9/11, when we learned that the hijackers obtained IDs and apartments with the help of the teeming immigrant Muslim communities just across the Potomac from the White House and not far from the Pentagon they attacked.
Now France is learning.
Actually, it already knew. But because France's multicultural-obsessed leftist leaders allowed the foreign Muslim population to grow so large — thanks to the same kind of liberal refugee policies our American president is jamming us with now — many areas became belligerent and hostile toward local "kuffir" (infidel) authorities.
LINK: Liberal Media Mock Europe's Islamic 'No-Go 
Zones' Which Are All Too Real
Soon, whole neighborhoods became off-limits to police. Muslim youths rioted and attacked cops, who tried to patrol crime in those urban areas. Paris lost control of these Muslim enclaves, allowing a parallel society to take root, one that has become a breeding ground for terrorists and other Islamic extremists.
Witness last week's bloody raid on terrorist safe houses in the predominantly Muslim suburb of Saint-Denis.
According to the New York Times — also getting a well-deserved lesson about the scope of this threat — local denizens knew the mastermind of the terror attacks was hiding among them. But they "did not go to the police."
Other reports reveal many in those Muslim precincts cheered the attacks on club-goers just a few miles away in a part of France that orthodox Muslims view as "filthy" for its Western lifestyle. Elder Muslims say the attacks were "revenge" for France's "oppression" of Algerians in wars long past.
Many of the terrorists hailed from another Muslim "no-go" stronghold just across the border in Belgium. Molenbeek has become a hotbed for terrorism. It's known as Europe's "cradle of jihadism."
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