Friday, November 6, 2015

Ben Carson speaks out about overcoming violent past (Full interview with Megyn Kelly 11-05-15)

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Unknown said...

Ben, Ben, Ben, wake up brother, the POINT IS, not the details of your attacks on your friend and mother, but RATHER........... the fact that your character at 14 years old was so violent and actually murderous, trying to stab someone with a knife in the stomach and attempting to hit your MOTHER with a hammer. It is far far far from normal to STAB OR HIT SOMEONE WITH A HAMMER. Being 14 and being 50 years ago does not excuse that behavior just because you said you have changed. Changing is good but the point is, most people would never dream or consider in the least what you did. I do NOT want a president who has that type of personality lingering within them. It was stupid as hell for you to admit that while running for President, and worse to have done it to begin with. Being a Dr, with a violent youth, does not come remotely close to qualifying you to be President. I don't trust you because of your attempts to mortally wound your mother and a friend. This is not normal childhood behavior Ben. Far from it.