Sunday, November 15, 2015

Authorities Covering Up Islamic State Role in U.S. College Stabbings

LINK: Police find ISIS flag among belongings of 
student who stabbed four in 'lone wolf' rampage
Homeland Insecurity: Think the cover-up of the Islamic State-inspired shootings at Chattanooga military sites was bad? Now it looks like authorities are covering up a stabbing spree on a major U.S. campus by an IS follower.
Even worse, the suspect, Faisal Mohammad, reportedly was on a terrorist watch list and even appeared in a local IS (also known as ISIS) threat matrix, which may help explain why the feds are hushing up the terror case. It's another embarrassing miss.
A freshman at the University of California, Merced, Mohammad stabbed four people on campus Nov. 4 before being shot to death by police. He had plans to zip-tie his classmates and behead them, while reportedly carrying an Islamic State flag during his knife jihad.
Investigators found a printout of the terrorist group's signature black flag among his belongings, a law enforcement source told a Merced newspaper. They also found a two-page manifesto in which he repeatedly praised Allah, yet another investigative clue signaling jihad. Mohammad was a regular at the local mosque.
IS recently called on American Muslims to use knives and swords to attack non-Muslims inside the U.S. The Syria-based terror group is known for recruiting U.S. citizens directly and indirectly via social media.
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