Saturday, November 14, 2015

Appeasement Only Makes Iran Hate A Weakened America More

Terrorist State: A funny thing happened on the way to a friendlier Iran. Obama effigies burn and "Death to America" is declared a permanent slogan, as our nuclear deal is rightly viewed as American weakness.
With apologies to Sally Field, "They hate us. They really hate us." This is the first thing President Obama's nuclear deal has taught us about Iran.
The 36th anniversary of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran on Wednesday attracted thousands of demonstrators to the site. One Iranian "housewife" was quoted by NBC News saying, "If the embassy opened ... I would set it on fire."
In what Iranian state media dubs the "National Day Against Global Arrogance," American flags were lit ablaze, as were effigies of the president, and large anti-American posters were unfurled in the capital city, including one of the raising of Old Glory by the Marines at Iwo Jima being planted atop a pile of dead bodies.
Iran schoolgirls with "Death to America" 
written on their hands and faces Wednesday.
There were anti-McDonald's and anti-Starbucks banners, and a fake Kentucky Fried Chicken store was shut days after opening. So much for cashing in on bringing American culture to the land of the mullahs.
The regime's Revolutionary Guard detained writers considered part of "a network of penetration in media and cyberspace ... hired by Americans."
And "penetration of Americans in economic, social and cultural areas" in the country will not be tolerated, the State Prosecutor Ebrahim Raeisi announced.
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The devil has taken over the Moslem religion for world power. He tried during the reformation to take over the Christian church. He tries every religion. It was the religious leaders of the Jews who put Jesus to death.