Saturday, October 31, 2015

USA TODAY GOP Power Rankings: WEEK 9

Ben Carson has overtaken Donald Trump for the first time in USA TODAY’s GOP Power Rankings, deemed the strongest candidate in the Republican field this week by our panel of political experts.
Carson’s rise in our rankings reflects recent Iowa polls showing him passing Trump in the critical first-in-the-nation Hawkeye State.
Carson’s surge over Trump in Iowa polling is “a huge shift and might mark the end of the Donald,” said HeadCount’s Aaron Ghitelman. But he sagely warns: “That being said, people in this poll have considered every flap of a bird’s wing in Iowa or New Hampshire to signify the end of Trump, and we’ve been wrong every time.”
“Carson emerges as the candidate to beat in Iowa. If he wins there, he gets his ticket stamped for the final round,” said University of New Hampshire professor Dante Scala.
And he is clearly looking strong there. “Carson’s strong campaign team continued to pull in more support for him especially in Iowa. Trump continues to have a love/hate relationship with people,” said Kansas activist Deb Lucia.
“Dr. Carson goes on a book tour and moves into first place in a couple of Iowa polls,” said Podesta Group’s Paul Brathwaite. Meanwhile, “Gov. Bush recalibrates to save his campaign.”
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