Friday, October 23, 2015

The 'Iran Gone Wild' Nuke Deal

Terror State: The U.S. confirms Iran launched a "missile inherently capable of delivering a nuclear weapon." It's only one example of President Obama's nuclear deal unleashing the world's foremost terrorist regime.
In announcing that Iran violated a United Nations Security Council resolution with its Oct. 10 launch of a ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear warhead, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power promised that the U.S. would prepare a report and swiftly raise the issue with the Security Council.
"The Security Council prohibition on Iran's ballistic missile activities, as well as the arms embargo, remain in place," Power said.
She sounds like President Carter telling the nation in January 1980 that the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan "is a callous violation of international law and the United Nations Charter."
What good is a prohibition that remains in place if Iran ignores it?
The impotency of the self-important U.N. is on full display. But we're also getting a peek at the troubles that lie ahead on the nuclear deal, because a violation like this is the kind of thing that is supposed to cause a "snap back" of sanctions on Iran.
Instead of a snap back, there begins a journey through an international bureaucratic labyrinth. First a report, then Russia's and China's vetoes, and then what? Endless appeals?
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