Sunday, October 18, 2015

Team Obama Complains Of Iran Missile, But Expects It To Keep Nuclear Deal

We all thought the height of nuclear black comedy was reached more than a half-century ago by Stanley Kubrick and Peter Sellers in "Doctor Strangelove." But the Obama administration may have just surpassed it, clueless to the inadvertent humor.
The terrorist state of Iran over the weekend successfully test-fired the Emad — which means pillar — its first precision-guided, long-range surface-to-surface missile. As the Center for Strategic & International Studies' Anthony Cordesman notes, the Emad "is essentially a Shahab-3, but with a maneuvering re-entry vehicle to improve system accuracy and complicate missile defense."
Iran's Shahab-3 is based on North Korea's Nodong-1, which in turn is based on the Soviet Scud — a tactical missile that was adapted to carry a nuclear warhead of up to 80 kilotons. Its range exceeds 1,000 miles — meaning it can reach Israel, Saudi Arabia and NATO member Turkey — and its accuracy is within 600 yards of the target.
The Obama administration reacted by complaining that the test violated the 5-year-old U.N. Security Council resolution 1929, prohibiting Iran from any activities related to ballistic missiles, and the State Department warned it will raise the issue at the United Nations.
But State, and White House press secretary Josh Earnest, were quick to argue that the violation had nothing to do with the Iran nuclear deal.
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