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Op-ed: The End of a Presidential Dream

The End of a Presidential Dream 

By: Diane Sori / Right Side Patriots on

"While I will not be a candidate, I will not be silent." 
- Vice President Joe Biden announcing that he will NOT run for president

Yesterday, in a cleverly orchestrated move perfectly timed to take the pressure off Hillary Clinton's appearance before Trey Gowdy's House Select Committee on Benghazi later today, Vice President Joe Biden, with his wife Jill and Obama by his side, announced that he will NOT run for president. And while some think this announcement will clear the way for Hillary being the Democratic nominee it could very well instead be the signal that Hillary will (rightfully) be indicted by the F.B.I. for her email 'irregularities' if you will.
And that leaves the door open for Julian Castro to step into the fray...young, dynamic, and above all else Hispanic...after all the Dems do need the Hispanic vote you know...and Castro fits perfectly into the 'new' progressive Democratic party agenda...what with his being a socialist bordering on being an out-and-out communist in his leanings. And with Obama's thrusting San Antonio's former mayor into the much-needed national spotlight by appointing him HUD secretary, and with Castro being 'groomed' by Obama's people coupled with his many visits to the White House, do NOT discount Castro suddenly entering the race especially if Hillary appears on the verge of being indicted.
And so in a speech delivered less than 24 hours before Hillary's moment of truth, if you will, what must be noted is that Joe Biden did NOT endorse his 'supposed' friend Hillary for president nor did Obama, and that in and of itself suggests that something or someone is up the proverbial sleeve.
Saying that while his family was emotionally prepared to back him if he chose to run...actually for a third run for the presidency...even after the May death of his son Beau...the former Delaware State Attorney General...Biden nonetheless said he would NOT be a candidate. "Unfortunately, I believe we're out of time," adding that “the window of opportunity to launch a viable campaign has closed,” Biden's speech, however, sounded more like a campaign speech than it did the speech of a man coming to the end of his long political career.

So very much more like a campaign speech especially when he spoke about the path Democrats should take in the 2016 campaign, including calling for them to run on Obama's record. “This party, our nation, will make a tragic mistake if we walk away or attempt to undo the Obama legacy,” Biden said which makes me question whose side Biden is really on for contrary to his foot-in-mouth public guffaws, Biden is NOT a stupid man and he knows well that Obama's record is, to put it mildly, anything but stellar. And while Biden towed the party line by stating his disdain for the influence of unlimited contributions on politics, while he called for expanding access to college educations, and saying that while Republicans may be the opposition, they are "not our enemy" he silently slapped Hillary in the face for referring to her Republican rivals as 'the enemy' in last week's Democratic debates...leaves one to wonder why Obama had to be there.
And two possibilities come to mind...does Joe Biden...once chairman of the all-important Senate Foreign Relations Committee...have any inkling into NOT only today's Benghazi hearing, but more importantly into the F.B.I decision on whether or NOT to indict Hillary based upon the newly recovered emails...meaning was Obama worried enough about what Biden might say or do if he did run for president that he needed to be by his side. Or was Obama worried that Joe Biden holds the key to NOT only Hillary's political demise but to his own political demise and indictment as well for NO matter what can be said about Joe Biden the one thing he is NOT is a traitor...unlike both Obama and Clinton...and Obama might very well be worried that loyalty to America and to the Constitution will trump Biden's ties to him and his legacy.

And isn't it odd that as late as Tuesday night all indicators pointed to a Biden run...including there being a 'Draft Biden' Super PAC in why then the sudden decision NOT to run especially when his family stood behind his running. Could Biden have been politely 'ordered' by the puppet masters of the regime to stay out of the race so that someone else could be put in his place...someone more to their liking and more in line with the Obama socialist agenda... someone whose strings they could easily pull...someone like the afore mentioned Julian Castro...a man who could beat Hillary for the nomination by locking-up the critical Hispanic vote...something Bernie Sanders cannot do. Also remember, there is NO love lost between Obama and Hillary, and I bet Obama cringes at the thought of a Hillary presidency following his own, because with a Hillary win it is actually a in you do get Billy-Boy tagging along.

But could Biden's decision NOT to run have been as simple as the reality that with Hillary and Sanders having been in the race since April, he knew that he would face both major logistical and numbers challenges in starting a campaign this late in the primary season, especially with a recent Reuters poll showing that only 17% of Democrats said he would be their top pick for president compared to 46% for Hillary. And could it be that Biden knew that since top key Democratic players and donors already are committed to Hillary that they would have to defect to the his camp in order for him to have even a somewhat reasonable chance at the nomination, but Biden I believe knows, as do these folks know as well, that turning your back on a Clinton could (in my opinion) have serious ramifications... just ask Vince Foster's family.

So with almost all of the Democratic 'so-called' establishment rallying around their girl Hillary, making it difficult for Biden to have mounted a serious challenge while still (rightfully) grieving over his son's recent death, a nearly a half-century career in public office will come to the end when Obama finally leaves office. And with Joe Biden NOT running, Hillary in her ghoulish delusions sees a clear path to the nomination looking more and more like a sure thing...that is if Julian Castro is NOT placed into the race...that is if Trey Gowdy doesn't chew her up and spit her out at today's Benghazi hearings, and that is if the F.B.I. doesn't come a-knocking at her door.

A lot of ifs...but maybe one of those ifs will finally stick and bring down the infamous 'Butcher of Benghazi' aka the 'Email Queen.' And if that does happen Joe Biden's NOT running will have played an important part without him even realizing it...imagine that...just saying.

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