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Op-ed: Brethren Non-Grata

Brethren Non-Grata 

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

Whether some people want to accept it as fact or NOT the most critical issue facing America today is NOT sealing our borders and building a is NOT the economy or jobs is NOT even the ILLEGAL problem we are currently quite simply is that we must keep 'those' Obama wants to bring into our country from 'over there' from ever getting 'here' because if we do NOT none of the things mentioned above will mean a damn thing as our American way of life will be turned into 'their' way of life...with the fabric of our society being forever lost. And all we have to do is look to Europe to see it happening right before our eyes.

Keeping 'them' over there should always have been the basis of this administration's foreign policy NOT laying down 'red lines' that when crossed are moved back until the next time when they are moved back yet again. And now we are forced to focus our attention on keeping 'them' over there has been a 66% increase in the latter part of the past decade of 'their' immigration into our country...and all was born from Obama's failed 'leading from behind' policies complete with battles fought by our troops with hands tied so as to NOT win the war but to solely “win the hearts and minds of the enemy.” And thanks to this president...a president who is indeed America's enemy...we face even more 7th century savages equipped with 21st century weapons being brought to our shores...all courtesy of Obama's infamous pen and his phone.

Keeping them 'over there' NOT bringing hundreds of thousands more of them 'here' as Obama is planning to do to the tune of 100,000 to 200,000 islamic refugees that we simply cannot vet. And while they... with 'they' being muslims...with many jihadists amongst making up less than one percent of America's population...the fact is that as per U.S. Census Data, we already allow between 70,000 to 100,000+ refugees legally into this country each year with Arabic being the most common language spoken by said refugees, especially since within in the past three years alone, almost 300,000 muslims 'supposedly' legally immigrated to our country, translating into 1.6+ million 'green cards' having been issued to muslims since 9/11. 

And remember, those currently coming here and those who will come here in the future will continue to legally get green cards, work permits, welfare (68.3% of all U.S. muslims are on 'cash welfare'), food stamps (91.4% of all muslim refugees are currently receiving food stamps), and free medical access, adding to the fact that these figures more or less remain permanent within the muslim population in any country they invade. Only a very small percentage of muslims have proven to integrate themselves into the American job market or even make an effort to educate themselves and get off our welfare rolls, for just like in Europe muslims here in America have one hand out for the freebies while the other hand either assembles bombs or sharpens knives behind their back.

And of critical importance is that they, muslims, can become citizens after a set period of time gaining the right to vote...gaining the means to stack our government with their brethren...legally. 

And the muslim invasion in our country as it stands now, pre-Obama's newest proposed 100,000 to 200,000 muslim immigration that the population of muslims here in America is expected to more than double by the year 2030...with some reports saying there are up to seven million muslims currently living in our country. And that's just through legal immigration NOT counting the many who come here ILLEGALLY either through our unsealed borders or who the administration closes their eyes to.

And all this is being done while Obama tells us that there is NOTHING to fear from islam...NOTHING to fear as heads roll, people are set on fire, the Christian population of the Middle East is systematically being eliminated, and the call to wipe Israel off the map continues...NOTHING to fear from an ideology founded upon submission and complete world domination.  

So now we have Barack HUSSEIN Obama complicit in laying out the welcome mat NOT for women, children and the elderly, but complicit instead of wanting to welcome to our shores young, healthy and strong muslim men wearing expensive Nike sneakers and carrying the latest in cell phones, screaming “allahu akbar!” as they come. Want proof...look at the pictures of the hordes crossing the borders and landing on the shores of Europe...barely a woman or child amongst them. And these are who will be coming here as muslim men routinely leave their property behind...remember in islam women and children are mere property, mere chattle, to do with as the men so these men are NOT immigrants wanting a better life nor are they escaping political persecution for they are invaders hell bent on turning the countries they invade into yet another member of the ever-expanding islamic commanded by the quran to do so.

And taking a cue from the lax immigration policies of the European nations currently being invaded, Obama willfully turns a blind eye to some all-important facts about his brethren... facts including (as per Peter Hammond's book Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam) that when the muslim population of any country reaches the 2% to 5%, range they begin to seek converts (which has already been happening here)...that when 'their' population reaches a full 5%, they become more aggressive and push for sharia law (again as is happening here)...that when 'their' population hits 20%, rioting, murder and the destruction of non-muslim places of worship increases...that when at 50%, infidels (meaning us) and apostates are outwardly persecuted, genocide occurs, and sharia law is implemented... and that when 'their' population reaches 80%, intimidation becomes a daily part of life coupled with violent jihad acts of terror along with some state-run genocide as the host nation purges all infidels. And central to islam is the belief that once a country has 'rid' itself of all non-muslims, then and only then will ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ have been attained...the anything but 'Islamic House of Peace'...for remember muslims will kill their own as readily as they will kill us.

And these are the very people Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants to bring to our beloved America under the little known to us, but well known to him, islamic doctrine of immigration known as 'hijra'...hijra that works in tandem with jihad to overwhelm by sheer numbers a host country until muslims become the single dominant populace in said country. Remember, many muslim men have up to 20 children with each of their multiple wives, translating into the fact that muslims will outnumber Christians worldwide by 2070 with muslims increasing at more than double the rate of the world’s population. 

And with muslims now breeding like rabbits, this is the sad reality that the European nations are already facing...what with 35 million muslims predicted to soon arrive in they see their Western way of life...their liberty, freedom, and safety...already appearing to be lost.

A few cases in point...Germany has seen a 65% increase in crime, including rape and murder, that has happened in direct proportion to the number of muslim 'anything but refugees' they have willingly accepted into their country. Sweden is now a country on the verge of collapse thanks to its muslim invasion and is a country where rape alone has increased by 1,472% as in 2% of the male muslim population commits 77% of all rapes translating further down into one in four Swedish women being raped by muslim men, and is a country that has ten times higher welfare dependency among 16.5% foreign born, a staggering an increase of 82% in just a few short years. 

In Denmark muslims are 450% more likely to be criminals than non-muslims...and the Netherlands' reality is that 50% to 70% of former muslim supposed ‘asylum seekers’ live permanently on welfare. In Spain muslim immigration increased by 68% in 2014 alone leading to an almost ten fold increase in crime. And in Great Britain, currently 80% of London's 1.03 million muslims actively support ISIS and by the year 2050, Great Britain will be a majority muslim nation...and God won't be able to “save the queen.”

And lest we forget that statistics show that a billion muslims worldwide want sharia law, and more than 42 million so-called 'moderate' muslims vocally support both a worldwide caliphate and support ISIS and muslim extremism in general, with that support growing, including here in the U.S. as per a recent study by the Center for Security Policy of again so-called 'moderate' muslims. And their findings showed that a large and growing number of American muslims felt that NOT only was sharia law 'better' than the U.S. Constitution, but that muslims residing here should be allowed to ignore the Constitution and be judged solely by 'sharia courts.' Also found was that these 'moderate' muslims felt that freedom of speech should be illegal and that any and all harsh words spoken or written against islam should be made a crime. 

Are you finally starting to understand why foreign policy and Obama's wanting to bring more muslims into this country is indeed the most critical problem we face...are you beginning to understand that for the vast majority of muslims islam will now and forever be entwined with both the doctrine of armed jihad and with supremacy and domination over all non-muslims. NO wonder presidential candidate Ben Carson's words stating that, “I would not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation” ring resoundingly true since we already have one in office and we sure do NOT need another one...nor do we need or want even one let alone 200,000 more of 'them' brought over 'here' to our beloved America...period. 

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