Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Not So Fast Bernie: 3 Questions That Demand Answers Before Hillary Can 'Put It Behind Her'

Integrity: Hillary Clinton and the mainstream press may be thrilled that Bernie Sanders gave her a free pass on her email scandal at the Democratic debate. But that does nothing to mitigate the serious issues it raises.
'The American people," Sanders said after Hillary tried to explain away her email problems, "are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails." Not only did the partisan audience erupt in cheers; so did reporters covering it.
"The entire press room just exploded when Bernie said that about Hillary's emails," one tweeted.
And, like other outlets, U.S. News concluded that "Hillary Clinton put the summer of emails behind her, with help from Bernie Sanders."
Hardly. The latest IBD/TIPP Poll finds that almost 70% of the American people are following the story closely, and 57% of those think she should drop out if the FBI finds she sent or received classified material.
Besides, what Bernie Sanders thinks, or is willing to say in a debate, about Hillary's emails is totally, completely and utterly irrelevant.
Ever since the email scandal broke, Hillary has tried to convince the public that she didn't do anything wrong, that she's been totally cooperative and that she's just a victim of a GOP witch hunt.
She said it again at the debate: "What I did was allowed by the State Department, but it wasn't the best choice." And "I have been as transparent as I know to be, turning over 55,000 pages of my emails, asking that they be made public." And it's all a "partisan vehicle ... to drive down my poll numbers."
But this scandal has nothing to do with partisanship. It doesn't even have to do with her emails, per se. The questions it raises are about the law, about national security and, most important, about judgment, none of which has been answered.
And what are those questions?

Read the rest of the IBD editorial HERE.

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