Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Netanyahu: Israel Will Settle Scores With Those Killing Civilians

PM calls on Abbas to "stop lying, and stop inciting."
Israel will immediately implement a number of steps on the ground that will impress upon the terrorists and those who incite them that “terror does not pay,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in the Knesset on Tuesday.
Netanyahu's comments came at a special session in the Knesset to mark 14 years to the assassination of Rehavam Ze'evi. His comments came as a special security cabinet meeting – which he adjourned briefly to address the Knesset – was discussing what steps to take in light of the continuing violence.
Without spelling out yet what those steps will be, Netanyahu said they will be implemented immediately and “restore quiet to Israel's cities.”
Netanyahu said that Israel would settle its account with “murderers and those who want to kill, and anyone who helps them. Not only won't they have any rights, but we will extract the full price from them.”
The prime minister said that he was sure that the actions Israel will take will bring about a realization on the other side that “terror does not pay.”
Israel is strong, Netanyahu said, and despite the desire of the terrorists, “will be here forever.”
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