Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Criticism Of Police Fuels Crime Wave

War On Cops: As President Obama's ex-chief of staff blames "fetal"-position police for growing violent crime, another cop murder explains why officers may be backing off high-crime areas. They're afraid for their lives.
(on right) Tyrone Howard
On Tuesday, authorities say convicted drug dealer Tyrone Howard walked up to New York Police Department officer Randolph Holder and shot him in the front of the head.
It's not clear if Holder had his weapon drawn. But it wouldn't surprise us if he didn't. New York, like most major cities across the country, is training officers to avoid physical altercations with minority suspects, lest they be accused of racism by Black Lives Matter.
As part of that training, New York police are even sending new recruits to Broadway to watch a play about Emmett Till, who was killed by racists in Mississippi in 1955, to overcome their "unconscious bias" and increase their sensitivity toward minorities.
Holder's murder was the fourth New York City police officer murdered in the past 11 months, one of the highest rates of police deaths in the nation.
In May, Demetrius Blackwell was arrested for shooting New York officer Brian Moore in the head while the 25-year-old cop was on patrol. Days before Christmas, New York officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were allegedly gunned down execution-style in their patrol car by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, who said he was retaliating for the death of Michael Brown. Brown, wanted for a robbery, was killed in self-defense by a Ferguson, Mo., cop.
New York Police Commissioner William Bratton
On Wednesday, the day after his officer was murdered, New York Police Commissioner William Bratton was supposed to meet with President Obama and civil-rights activists to discuss police "de-biasing" training and "de-incarceration" of repeat drug offenders like Howard.
In fact, de-incarceration is why Howard, who had been arrested 28 times previously, was on the streets. A liberal judge diverted him from prison to a drug treatment center, which he never attended. He instead went right back to his previous lifestyle.
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