Friday, October 16, 2015

Could Islamic State Attack On Turkey Happen Here?

Bodies of victims are covered with flags and banners at 
the site of a twin suicide bombing in Ankara, Turkey,
 on Oct. 10, 2015. AP
Islamic State: Twin bombings killing about 100 in Turkey were undoubtedly the work of IS, which is strengthening in Afghanistan and attacking Libyan oil fields. Don't doubt that America's also in the caliphate's cross hairs.
Islamist suicide bombers chose an Ankara peace rally held by Turkish leftist groups and a Kurdish political party as their target on Saturday, leaving 97 slaughtered and dozens injured. The Turkish government strongly suspects the Islamic State.
One of the purposes of terrorism is to sow the seeds of popular confusion and, if possible, political destabilization. Mayhem like this might possibly contribute to Turkey ultimately turning completely against the West and exiting NATO after over six decades of membership.
Losing Turkey would bring smiles to the faces not only of IS, but U.S. adversaries Iran, Russia and China.
If IS orders are confirmed as being behind the attacks, however, it means the monstrous caliphate that has raised its black flag in Iraq and Syria is an equal-opportunity evildoer. Awash in billions of dollars of cash as it is, it now conducts expansionist ground operations and al-Qaida-style suicide bombings.
IS strength is growing in Afghanistan, with as many as 3,000 operatives just 50 miles east of Kabul; an alliance with the Taliban, which is conquering its way back into power, might end up being advantageous.
In Libya, IS is attacking Africa's largest oil reserves, and it recently hit Sidra, a major oil-exporting port, killing a security guard.
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