Saturday, October 24, 2015

Can't-Be-Bought Trump Just Got Bought

2016: The most powerful argument for voting for billionaire Donald Trump for president — that he can't be bought — is rapidly losing its appeal. Records show that he took in $4 million in outside cash and is tied to a super PAC.
'You know the nice part about me?" Trump recently told Iowa voters to rounds of cheers. "I don't need anybody's money."
His I-can't-be-bought line gets the biggest applause on the campaign trail. For an electorate tired of politicians selling out their principles and breaking their promises, Trump offers a refreshing alternative.
Over and over, the Manhattan real-estate tycoon reminds voters that he's self-financing his campaign, even turning down generous gifts from donors, so he won't be beholden to special interests like the pandering politicians in Washington.
"Remember this: They have total control over Jeb and Hillary and everybody else that takes that money," Trump said earlier this month, adding: "I will tell you this: Nobody's putting up millions of dollars for me. I'm putting up my own money."
While he has put up some of his own money to kick-start his campaign, Trump's personal stake now amounts to just a third of his campaign receipts, currently at $5.8 million, the latest Federal Election Commission records show. The rest — $3.9 million — comes from individual contributors, including many CEOs and business owners who are pumping thousands of dollars each into his political coffers.
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cimbri said...

Trump has sent letters to all 9 Superpacs that were started to support him, to cease any work, and return contributions.

The Great Man remains - un bought. Now all other candidates should follow his lead. Hopefully we will get some follow up posts on the other candidates.

The Poet Darkling said...

Sorry, he's been bought ...

"To date, Trump has refunded just $84,348 to donors. He has spent the rest of the outside money — all of it — mainly on T-shirts and caps that carry his campaign slogan: "Make America Great Again."
The T-shirt printing company that serves as a vendor to his campaign happens to be tied to a super PAC called Make America Great Again PAC, which appears to have Trump's blessing, according to the Center for Responsive Politics and the Washington Post.
The PAC will not disclose any information about its donors until Jan. 31, the day before the Iowa caucuses.
Trump's camp isn't talking. But Trump attended at least two events for the Make America Great Again PAC, including one at the New Jersey beachfront mansion of his daughter Ivanka's in-laws, who have contributed $100,000 to the PAC."

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