Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bill Clinton Hushed Evidence Of Iran Terror, Tainting Hillary

The June 25, 1996, truck bombing at the Khobar Towers, 
an eight-story dormitory in eastern Saudi Arabia for U.S.
Air Force personnel assigned to the Gulf, killed 19
Americans and wounded 372 more
War On Terror: Bill Clinton apparently knew as president that Iran was behind the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing but suppressed the evidence. It's one of an array of failures arguing against another President Clinton.
A half dozen Saudi Arabians involved in the terrorist attack targeting U.S. Air Force personnel housing 19 years ago, killing 19 of our servicemen and injuring hundreds, told the FBI they got their passports from Iran and reported to a high-ranking Iranian general, according to the Washington Times.
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh confirmed to the paper that when he presented the evidence implicating Iran to the White House, they brushed it aside, calling it mere "hearsay." He was asked not to disseminate the information because the administration sought closer relations with the terrorist regime in Tehran.
Like President Obama today, "They were looking to change the relationships with the regime there," Freeh told the Times.
The newspaper cited a now-declassified top-secret cable from 1999 in which Clinton told then-Iranian President Mohammad Khatami of "credible evidence that members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps along with members of Lebanese and Saudi Hizballah were directly involved in the planning and execution of the terrorist bombing in Saudi Arabia of the Khobar Towers military resident complex."
Khobar Towers Memorial at Eglin Air Force Base, FL
President Clinton had altered U.S. policy toward Iran in the hope that the new president would change Tehran's terrorist ways, and his White House publicly suggested Iran's role in Khobar was uncertain.
In 2006, there was enough evidence publicly available for families of Khobar victims to win a U.S. civil suit holding Iran liable for hundreds of millions of dollars.
Wayne White, a State Department intelligence officer from 1979 to 2005 who was investigating Khobar, told a diplomatic oral history project that intelligence on the attack "had been cut off by Sandy Berger," Clinton's national security adviser. Berger was later convicted in an attempt to smuggle classified documents regarding terrorism out of the National Archives.
This tops off a long list of failures for Bill Clinton in combating terrorism. They include:
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