Saturday, August 22, 2015

Iran Flaunts Its Thuggishness

Iran Deal: It was like the local Mafia collector dropping by just to say "it would be a shame if something happened to you." Iran warned the UN's chief atomic watchdog he might come to "harm."
Never mind "The Audacity of Hope." In Iran, the audacity of hate seems to have no limits.
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani welcomes the IAEA 
director-general, Yukiya Amano, at the start of their 
meeting in Tehran, Iran, on July 2, 2015. AP
How much nerve does it take to go so far as to issue a vague physical threat — during "peace" negotiations — to the head of the agency charged with inspecting nuclear facilities where cheating could be going on?
Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, briefing Iranian lawmakers Monday, boasted that its government sent a letter threatening Yukiya Amano, the chief of the United Nations' International Atomic Energy Agency.
AEOI head Ali Akbar Salehi
Tehran's AEOI disclosed that the warning to Amano said that if the secret side agreements on inspections between Iran and the IAEA are revealed, "we will lose our trust in" the IAEA.
It conceded that "despite the U.S. Congress's pressures," Amano "didn't give any information to them," as reported by the Iranian regime's Fars News Agency.
"Had he done so," an AEOI spokesman added, however, "he himself would have been harmed."
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