Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Clinton's Emails Were Born Classified

Scandal: In one of the most damning revelations since the Hillary Clinton email story broke, we learn that despite repeated denials, several emails on her personal account were by definition classified.
Since the public first learned about Clinton's highly questionable use of a private email account for all her official email while secretary of state, she has adamantly insisted that no classified material was involved in any of her email communications.
"I'm certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material," she said.
But after it became clear that Clinton had at least received classified information, she suddenly became unaware of classification requirements. "I did not send classified material, and I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified," she said, "which is the way you know whether something is."
Clinton has to say this, because she understands the potential legal ramifications if she knowingly kept classified information on an unsecured, private server. But like every other claim that she's made since this scandal surfaced, this one is full of holes.
An in-depth Reuters report found dozens of emails containing what Clinton would have known to be classified information at the time they were sent.
Reuters took a close look at the new "Classified" stamps the State Department put on some of Clinton's emails before they were released to the public. Scores of them list "foreign government information" as the reason for the classified status.
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