Saturday, May 9, 2015

Until Europe Identifies the Problem, Its NON-STOP invasion Will Continue

The only positive thing out of what's happening in Italy is that We here in the U.S. have a glimpse into OUR FUTURE if we don't SMARTEN THE HELL UP!

Europe doesn't have an immigration problem, it has an INVASION PROBLEM!
Italian rescue ships brought migrants by the thousands to the country’s southern ports, including a baby born aboard a navy vessel, as crowded shelters in Sicily and on the mainland struggled Monday to find room for them.
Some politicians based in northern Italy vowed that their regions would not take in any of the Mediterranean Sea migrants.
In a three-day period ending Sunday, 6,771 survivors were rescued in the seas north of Libya from overcrowded rubber dinghies and unseaworthy fishing boats sent out by smuggling rings, the Coast Guard reported Monday. Ten bodies were found Sunday on boats or in the sea.
Calm seas and mild temperatures fueled the spike in human trafficking, just like it did last month when nearly 6,000 migrants were rescued during a few days of good weather. Italy has not yet released the total number of migrant arrivals in April, but the relentless influx of migrants this year is on track to surpass the 170,000 rescued at sea by Italy in 2014.
The navy said a woman, in labor when rescued Sunday, gave birth to a girl aboard one of its patrol ships. The mother and daughter were fine, and the patrol boat, carrying 654 migrants saved in four different rescue operations, headed to port.
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THIS ISN'T ROCKET SCIENCE. Time for a little tough love.

As long as these immigrants are welcomed they will continue to invade. Perhaps it's time to turn these boats/ships back and blockade the known ports where they are leaving from. THAT would be a start!

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