Sunday, May 24, 2015

The U.K.’s Cameron wants to Seize the Wages of ILLEGALS and Those who Overstay Their Visas ...

... Hey Barry ...taking any Notes?
Prime Minister David Cameron is due to announce Thursday plans for a fresh crackdown on illegal immigrants, including new legislation to allow police to seize the wages of foreigners who are working in the country after entering illegally or overstaying their visas.
In his first speech on immigration since being elected earlier this month for a second term in office, Mr. Cameron also is due to announce plans for measures to give authorities powers to evict illegal migrants from rented accommodations more quickly, extend a policy of deporting migrants before they can appeal, and satellite tracking of foreign criminals awaiting deportation, according to extracts of prepared remarks.
Migrants in Calais queue up to board a van bound for 
The measures are to be included in a new immigration bill which will be part of the new legislative agenda the government plans to introduce on May 27. Mr. Cameron now controls a majority government, whereas during the last five years he was in a coalition with the centrist Liberal Democrats.
Under existing legislation, migrants with leave to remain in the country who are working illegally are liable to a custodial sentence, a fine or both, but those who have entered the country illegally or have overstayed their visas aren't subject to the same conditions. Mr. Cameron will say in his speech that it has been too easy to work illegally and employ illegal workers in Britain.
“So we’ll take a radical step—we’ll make illegal working a criminal offense in its own right. That means wages paid to illegal migrants will be seized as proceeds of crime and businesses will be told when their workers’ visas expire so if you’re involved in illegal working—employer or employee—you’re breaking the law,” Mr. Cameron will say, according to advanced extracts of his speech.
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1 comment:

RomneyMan said...

BOS, it's all just smoke & mirrors.
1) Cameron, in ideology, isn't the slightest way really concerned about the issues in the article. It is to appease the more rebellious aspects of his backbencers and, worse, to pull the wool over the eyes of the British people as part of their ploy to fudge the upcoming EU in/out referendum, to skew it for an IN vote.
2) Only 1.5 years ago, Cameron 3 line whipped his MPs against a backbench motion about even asking for a referendum. The rise of UKIP tuning into the publics' immigration and EU concerns gave rise to a 'sudden' change of heart
3) Whatever benefit changes etc they try to renegotiate it is again to just pull the wool over people's eyes that they will get immigration under control. However, FREE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE as an EU statue is NOT up for renegotiation, so forget about this benefit or that benefit, the UK will still have absolutely zero control over her borders to EU immigration. Bebefit changes 'may' tune down the magent a bit (but liberals always claim that more EU migrants work in the UK than claim beneiftis anyway), but if 2 million EU migrants decided to come to the UK, just like that, whatever their skills or lack of, whatever their criminal records, whatever if they have massive diseases, their will STILL BE NOTHING the UK could do about it----unless they leave the EU, which Cameron, the establishment, their BBC and all the rest of the UK political parties (except UKIP) will be campaigning against.
4)Cameron and the conservatives are a JOKE regarding immigration. You often cite 'tough conservative' immigration articles, but perception isn't reality. Case in point, as well as the above comments, Cameron gave a pledge to get immigration down to 'the tens of thousands' before the last election (and if not, asked the public to vote his out lol). The reality? the last 1/4 immigration figures were the worst in 10 years, net of over 300,000 even more than Labour's worst years.