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Investigative Report: Derailing Distractions With Facts

Investigative Report:
Derailing Distractions With Facts
By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on CPR Worldwide Media

Conspiracy theories to the left of cakes and pizza parlors to the right of us...and a regime caught in the middle facing in all likelihood the probability that not only will Congress stay 'red' in 2016 but that the White House will turn 'red' too. And having no real platform to run on what with our economy in the tubes and our enemies laughing at us, the only tactic they have left to salvage anything of substance is to divert and deflect our attention away from the prize.

And boy have the diversions worked up until now. Let's see, first we had Ebola the supposed death of us all; then Ferguson and Baltimore where the 'element' behaved oh so badly; and now we have Jade Helm a supposed military op to take over America and lock us all up in a Walmart somewhere. And all this because 2016 looms large and all this because of two upcoming Supreme Court decisions that could put the final nail in Obama's nefarious agenda and legacy.

So with Ebola and Ferguson over and done, and with Baltimore still simmering, let's look at Jade Helm the mother of all conspiracy theories that has gullible people taking the word of websites that generate their revenue from the number of 'hits' they get helping to push this most ridiculous of conspiracy theories...and conspiracy nonsense is indeed at the crux of all the brouhaha over Jade Helm. Jade Helm...two simple words that instill panic in so many especially in conservatives...having them believing things that simply are not true. Conservatives especially need to understand that the focus being placed on Jade Helm is just another diversionary tactic orchestrated by the left, and those so far to the right that the actually shake hands with the left, to make sure people lose focus on the important issues that really will affect us all.

And Jade Helm is but a diversionary tactic about an Obama-initiated military plot to take over the southwestern portion of the U.S. when the truth is that Jade Helm is not a precursor to martial law, it is not a U.N. New World Ordered invasion, it is not an operation designed to round up American citizens for FEMA camps...non-existent FEMA camps we might add....nor is it some fulfillment of Biblical prophecies as some ubber religious are claiming. Jade Helm 15 (other 'Jade Helms' have successfully come and gone) is simply a large scale yet very standard Field Training Exercise (FTX) to heighten the SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) capabilities of our special operations forces. Beginning in the designated locations of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, on July 15th and ending on September 15th, special ops teams will learn new 'tactics and techniques' needed when fighting overseas...needed when fighting an enemy like ISIS.

The uproar over Jade Helm was triggered by a map that surfaced on the internet that labeled some areas of the U.S. as 'hostile' based simply on acronyms used on the map...and so the 'nefarious' Jade Helm rumors were born and spread. Acronyms like JOAX (Joint Operation Access Exercise), CRF (Crisis Response Force) MSOT (Marine Special Operations Team), NSWTU (Naval Special Warfare Training Unit), and ODA (Operational Detachment Alpha)...all long standing military operations and exercises but because just the letters alone were on the map the conspiracy loons came out in force and the gullible were easily swayed.

Easily swayed like those who believed the nonsense that seven closed Walmart stores will be used for detention centers in the supposed Jade Helm sweep. Those seven stores were closed for the simple reason they did not make a profit in the areas they were in, and of course not told was the fact that Walmart then opened 20 others in more profitable areas. Walmart is a business-for-profit not some secret and covert 'tied-to-Obama' player in his so-wanted takeover of America.

People you need to get a grip here and ignore the nonsense as two tangible realities are the newest yet most serious issues Obama and crew want to divert us from.

The first and most important is the highly anticipated Supreme Court June ruling in the case of King v. Burwell involving whether states operating on the federal exchange are eligible for subsidies under ObamaCare. And with the Republicans in the House and Senate believing that the justices the will rule against ObamaCare this time around, they are working to finalize legislation that would help Americans transition from the current system by implementing patient-centered reforms that transfer control of the insurance market from the federal government back to the states where it always belonged. But nothing has been finalized as we all await the decision...a decision that will seal Obama's legacy of failure if they rule the way we hope they will. And this ruling Obama must stop at all costs...must try to sway the upcoming vote at all costs...and must keep the focus off of at all costs.

And what better way to do all that then to manufacture crisis after crisis for public consumption.

For public consumption...and the very vocal ubber religious far right played right into Obama's hand with their initiated diversion of wedding cakes and pizza parlors. Using this as a means to show their displeasure with the issue of gay issue that worked its way up all the way to the Supreme Court that will also be ruled on in June...this became the issue the media force-fed us 24/7 day after day after day. Gay marriage got and still gets people's dander up for they simply refuse to understand that 'gay marriage' is a legal concept and not a religious one...a legal concept based upon words from the Declaration of Independence as in, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” All men (and women) regardless of their sexual orientation have certain rights so people best get used to the fact that gay 'legal' marriage could well become the law of the land.

But in the diversionary scheme of things, let’s not be so quick to dismiss Baltimore. Yes, things there did quiet down a bit, but a new police shooting in the smoldering rubble of the riot-torn city could well add new fuel to that fire.

The bigger picture isn’t just Baltimore’s nationwide.

We have received information that last weekend, in NYC, a meeting was held and the 'element' behaving badly was front and center. Attending this meeting were between 350 and 500 gang members from urban areas around the country and the purpose of the meeting, as reported to us, was the strategy for upcoming ‘protests’ the likes of which we have already seen in Ferguson and in Baltimore.

Here’s what we know...the 'Nation of Islam' has worked to join together two previously at violent odds street gangs...the 'Bloods' and the 'Crips'...and they successfully did so in Baltimore during the riots of a week ago. Remember, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake thanked the 'Nation of Islam' for assisting in keeping the peace...if one can call looting, arson, and the intentional injuring of police keeping the peace.

According to our source, the strategy discussed in NYC will include staged violence in cities like L.A., Oakland, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York City. 'Protests' they are calling them...protests orchestrated by the Obama regime and its minions that will surely and deliberately get out of hand.

Remember, too, that a data mining company with ties to the government has identified what they refer to as ‘accounts’ that were in Ferguson and in Baltimore that used social media to relay info and orders that corresponded with violence taking place on the ground in both those locations. That was also part of the strategy discussed at the NYC meeting last weekend.

But exactly who set that meeting up? Who, for lack of a better word, 'chaired' that meeting?

None other than the 'New Black Panthers,' kissing cousins if you will of the 'Nation of Islam,' who, as coincidence would have it, were also on the ground in both Baltimore and in Ferguson during their respective riots.

And when exactly is all of this supposed to flare up from 'sea to shining sea?'

Within the next two months and that time frame includes again...just by coincidence (sarcastically said)...the time when the Supreme Court decisions regarding gay marriage and ObamaCare come down.

So while Obama and his minions may well be giddy over the gay marriage decision as it looks like it will fall in their favor, they’re counting on Conservatives being up in arms over it. Pizza parlors, wedding cake bakeries and all, but the ObamaCare decision may well hand a crushing blow to Obama’s signature legislation and with Conservatives fired up over gay weddings...and Jade Helm...why not throw the big distraction at them too.

Manufactured race riots.

What they are counting on is that Conservatives take all of this stuff at face value, believe that Jade Helm is some sinister plot hatched by the government to send us off to Walmart for the rest of our lives, and that the race riots are a part of that. If the Obama loving liberals can get even a handful of Conservatives to go off the deep end and do something open fire...they will have us exactly where they want us...looking unhinged and violent before the upcoming 2016 election.

Make no mistake, the upcoming riots have nothing to do with race...they have everything to do with the election. Liberal candidates, Hillary Clinton, Mike O’Malley, Bernie Sanders or whomever, will claim to be the one with the solution to the racial divide, and why shouldn’t they. After all, they, the liberals, manufactured all of this and if they win in 2016, just watch it all go away as per Saul Alinsky’s 'Rules for Radicals.' Come up with a solution to a crisis that doesn’t yet exist...create that crisis, solve it, and use it to your own political advantage.

In other words, never let a crisis go to waste even if you have to manufacture the crisis first, and that is exactly what is happening here. To gain leverage in 2016, to unhinge Conservatives, and to distract from what the Obama regime has to believe is the downfall of ObamaCare...they have loaded the distraction cannon for a full-on assault.

So yes, we do have a racial divide in this country courtesy of Obama and crew ripping off the scar of once healing racial wounds. And packing that wound with instigating, violent, white-hating, true racists like the 'New Black Panthers' will assure these riots do come to fruition and will start post-haste, building momentum the nearer we get to the election. And when you add in the gay marriage issue and nonsense like Jade Helm, those wounds will fester with some Conservatives buying into the hype, the fear, and the always present to some degree prejudice, Obama is counting on. Manufactured crises, gay phobia, and libertarian instigated military hype will become the tools by which Obama hopes to not only save his legacy but the White House as it for Hillary to serve out term three of the Obama regime.

The point to be made here is this...if you know what the distraction is, what it's intended to distract you from, and when it's's not that much of a distraction at all, and that is how we, as Conservatives, can actually use Alinsky against those who worship Alinsky.


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