Saturday, May 23, 2015

10 Questions Hillary Clinton Won't Answer

The nation was treated recently to four days of blanket news coverage and adverse commentary on Republican Jeb Bush's clumsy answers to hypothetical questions about what he might or might not have done about invading Iraq if he had been president and had or had not known its dictator possessed no weapons of mass destruction.
Unlike then Florida Gov. Bush, Sen. Hillary Clinton actually voted to authorize the war in Iraq, bearing some responsibility for the conflict. Did you hear her responses to the same set of questions?
No, you didn't. She wasn't asked.
That's because A) she's an entitled Clinton whose team of veteran Obama media muzzlers has decided it's safer to stay silent to avoid gaffes and stay on message.
B) Since she has no serious competition for the 2016 Democrat presidential nomination, there's no one with a platform or motive to object vociferously in public, except the D.C. media.
And C) mild grumbling aside, the nation's political press seems largely OK with this because, after all, she's a Clinton and a fellow Democrat.
So, here's a first selection of media questions you won't be hearing Candidate Clinton answer anytime soon:
** Knowing what you know now, do you regret your vote supporting President Bush's war on Iraq? Knowing only what you knew then that Saddam Hussein did possess WMDs, would you as president have made the same decision as Bush?
** Knowing what you know now, do you stand by your support as his secretary of State of President Obama's hasty total troop withdrawal from Iraq that left the power vacuum now occupied by ISIS?
** Would you call terrorists including members of ISIS followers of "radical Islam"?
** Over the weekend ISIS captured Ramadi, the capital of Iraq's Anbar Province where U.S. forces suffered several thousand casualties. Are you satisfied with the slow-motion allied assault on this terrorist group?
** Knowing what you know now, would you as Obama's chief foreign policy architect still push for such a quick dumping of Egypt's President Mubarak that lead to the Muslim Brotherhood's assumption of power, economic chaos and the army's coup that your spokesman declined to call a coup?
Read the rest of this IBD editorial HERE.

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