Saturday, April 11, 2015

Tufts University Will RECRUIT and Provide Aid to ILLEGALS

Tufts University announced Tuesday it will “proactively and openly” recruit undocumented students and offer financial aid to eligible undergraduate students, a clear declaration that immigration advocates hailed as a significant victory.
Under the new policy, the private university will consider all students who are in the country illegally as regular domestic applicants, eligible for the same university aid as US citizens. Because undocumented students are ineligible for federal financial aid, the university will make up the difference out of its funds for undergraduates who cannot afford to pay their own way.
“In keeping with our current undergraduate financial aid policy, Tufts will meet 100 percent of the demonstrated need of every undocumented student offered undergraduate admission to Tufts,” the university said in a statement.
Tufts joins a growing number of private universities that are now accepting undocumented students and awarding them financial aid, adding a new facet to a long-running debate.
Yet analysts say Tufts’s forthright show of support for students in the country illegally, and a pledge to bring more of them to campus, stands in sharp contrast to many colleges, who quietly accept such students as international applicants but rarely provide enough financial aid for them to attend.
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