Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The UN Commissioner is Upset because British Tabloid referred to UNWANTED Migrants as Cockroaches

Now why wouldn't you want wonderful migrants like 
this assimilating (ha ha ha ha, 'assimilating', I use that 
term loosely) into your communities?
... Ah yes, we wouldn't want these UNWANTED Migrants to feel unwelcome now would we?

BTW, Does anyone truly give a rat's ass what the UN likes or doesn't like?
UK authorities have been urged to tackle "anti-foreigner abuse" in the British press after a Sun column referred to migrants as "cockroaches".
Katie Hopkins
UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein said the comments by Katie Hopkins were similar to language used before the Rwandan genocide.
Mr Hussein said the UK needed to take steps to curb the "incitement to hatred" caused by British newspapers.
UN Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein
News Corporation, which owns The Sun, has declined to comment.
Writing on Friday, Ms Hopkins did not apologise but said the episode had been "a cautionary tale".
A petition calling for her to be fired from The Sun has received more than 280,000 signatures. 'Vicious verbal assault'
A Bangladeshi youth gang in Tower Hamlets, 
London. Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Bangali71
In her column on 17 April Ms Hopkins likened migrants to "norovirus on a cruise ship" and said gunships should be used to stop people crossing the Mediterranean.
Ms Hopkins used her column on Friday to respond to criticism, saying she was "grateful to The Sun for letting me speak my mind, and for all the letters of support from readers".
Police confronting Roma beggars and pickpockets in 
London's West End
She did not apologise but said the episode had been "a cautionary tale," adding: "One should be brave enough to speak out - but aware of the dangers which lurk in the depths of our vocabulary."
Addressing her critics, she went on: "Accept our opinions differ. Channel your outrage at the regimes causing people to flee."
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